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  • A Priceless Gift

    -Nancy from West Los Angeles, CA
    Pet Name: Dog Jett

    As a long time client of the world's best Veterinarian, Dr. David Bruyette, I always followed his recommendation that large dogs should begin annual Senior Wellness Exams at age 7. Every year Jett, my Standard Poodle, sailed through the exam without a problem. When Jett turned 12, I confidently dropped him off for his exam, knowing that he was the picture of health. At the end of the day, I was shocked to find out that a routine chest x-ray revealed a growing mass in his lung. Thank goodness Jett was a patient at VCA West LA, because every specialist he needed was right there on staff. An entire lobe of his lung was removed by an outstanding surgeon. Then the Oncology Department administered a prophylactic chemotherapy treatment. Jett soon regained his health and resumed his career as a Therapy Dog. The lung cancer never came back. These amazingly capable veterinarians, all of the specialists working together as a team, and an unbelievably caring hospital staff gave me a priceless gift --- a bonus year and a half with my wonderful Jett.

  • Dr Eilers specialcare of my twelve yr old Chihuahua

    -Matthew from Granada Hills, CA
    Pet Name: Dog Max Yates

    Dear Dr. Bruyette and Ms. Faumuina:

    I am writing this letter regarding Dr. Eiler and her special care of my 12-year old Chihuahua Max Yates. Max has diabetes, and unfortunately, other veterinarians had not been unable to control it by normal means. Up until January, Max was under the care of Dr. Slessenger at ChatOak Pet Medical Center in Granada Hills. At that time, Max became critical and Dr. Slessenger referred us to VCA West Los Angeles. That was where we came in contact with Dr. Eiler.

    By the first visit to VCA, Max wasn’t eating at all and any little food we could force down his throat was quickly vomited back up. He was in complete ketoses and his glucose was spilling over in his urine. His diabetic numbers were off the charts. He was extremely lethargic, and it was obvious that if something wasn’t done immediately Max would die.

    After Dr. Eiler‘s initial and very through exam, she took us aside and gave us the bad news. In a caring, understanding and professional manner, she explained to us that Max might not survive any treatment prescribed. She asked us how we wanted to proceed, noting that the cost would be very high. Her calming influence and her compassion really put us at ease and we opted to have Dr. Eiler try to get Max through his bout of diabetic ketoses.

    Max was in VCA’s ICU for about three or four days and Dr. Eiler got him through the most critical part of the ketoses. She was marvelous! She called us daily and e-mailed at least once a day, if not more. She patiently read our e-mails and responded quickly and patiently. During the days that Max was in the hospital, she urged us to come down and bring something that Max might enjoy eating. He loved the chicken we gave him and his ravenous appetite told us that he had turned the corner.

    The day finally came when Max was completely out of ketoses, his urine was normal and we were allowed to take him home I don’t know who was happier �" Max, my family or Dr. Eiler. She continued to stay in touch again on almost a daily basis via the phone or e-mail. It was slow going for a couple of weeks, curving Max, checking his ketones and glucose but we were prepared for it thanks to Dr. Eiler.

    Where she could, Dr. Eiler helped us make good choices in respect to our limited available funds. It became quite obvious that she cared about our financial situation while, at the same time, making sure that our pet’s needs were always met. It was a terrific juggling act.

    Several weeks later, at Dr. Eilers’ suggestion, Max was given a feeding tube. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Within a week, Max was jumping around, playing with his toys and playing with our other Chihuahua. Our 12-year old dog was like a puppy again. It was incredible to watch.

    We were very lucky. If we hadn’t met Dr. Eiler, I truly believe that we would have lost Max. She is a wonderful vet, both incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, but more importantly, she has the ability to give hope when there seems to be none. We really can’t say enough about this wonderful soul that crossed our paths when we needed her most.

    Thank you so much for listening.

  • Best Vet and Facility in Los Angeles

    -Schwartz Family from Los Angeles, CA
    Pet Name: Ren, Neptune, Bagheera,Piglet,Charlie

    After relocating back here to LA from NYC where we had lived with our beautiful Labrador and our two sweet rescue cats for several years, I took the pets back to our previous local vet for some routine exams. I was surprised when the blood test results which had been ordered for our Lab came back with a strange diagnoses which would have required him to be put on lifelong medications. Since he did not have any such prior history I was perplexed, so I called our trusted vet from NYC for records and advice, and he kindly offered to look over those test results. Indeed, it seemed somehow things had been misdiagnosed, as those test results showed nothing concurrent with the 'misdiagnosis' which was given. Unsure of where to go next, I asked our NYC vet for a recommendation, and though he didn't know anyone there personally, his research showed that this VCA under the direction of Dr. Dave Bruyette had an exemplary reputation in the veterinary community, especially for lab work... and he was certain they wouldn't get anything wrong... and he was right!

    All of our pets have been here at VCA for for the past seven years since and we have been completely happy. As a result, our beloved Labrador lived for several more 'unmedicated' happy years. And how lucky we were to have been with this caring, diverse group of practitioners and specialists, because as the years passed and the signs of diabetes and cancer began to show in our beautiful then senior dog years later, he was transferred straight away into the direct, amazing care of Dr. Dave Bruyette. 'Dr. B.' tirelessly explored every best option for him and carefully monitored each medication, kindly communicating everything with us throughout the way... He extended the life of our wonderful senior dog for well over a year and a half, until he finally passed away at the ripe old age of fourteen and a half in my arms.

    Dr. Bruyettes unwavering dedication and his exceptional astute scientific knowledge, along his kindness and caring make him a uniquely wonderful veterinarian.

    Of course,we are also really impressed with the beautiful, brand new, state of the art facility which was just built and with the friendly, helpful staff... along with the army of dedicated, knowledgeable, caring practitioners and specialists there, all of who make this a wonderfully special, unparalleled place.

  • Best Vets Yet

    -Jody Vanda from Venice, CA
    Pet Name: Angie

    Pet Image Anyone who's had an animal go into seizure at 3 am and goes to VCAWLA, knows how lucky we are to have a round the clock, full service emergency center here. Your neighborhood clinic doesn't have that.

    Anyone who's had an animal with an obscure problem that has left other vets scratching their heads, knows how valuable it is to have a state of the art facility staffed by gifted specialists and supported by top of the class interns from the best veterinary schools in America.

    Anyone with a animal who is desperate for a doctor who knows the latest medical advances, who has access to the finest equipment available, or who just needs reassurance or a shoulder to cry on---this is the place.

    Under the direction of Dr. Dave Bruyette, VCAWLA continues to be one of the finest veterinary hospitals in America. And Dr. Bruyette, who is nationally known as one of the finest vets in America has, over the course of several dogs and many years, always, always been there for us. He's been so kind. There's no way to adequately describe the depth of his care and concern.

    You cannot find a better hospital with better doctors than VCAWLA. Truly the best vets yet!

  • Dr. D. Bruyette-Special Man and Doctor

    -roz helman from los angeles, CA
    Pet Name: Emma

    I found the name of Dr. Bruyette on line, after a frustrating experience with my former vet. My dog, Emma, suffers from Cushings disease and was unsuccessfully being treated at another veterinarian's office. My heart was breaking for Emma because her discomfort was obvious, but nothing she was being prescribed was working for her. I began my online research, hoping to find a doctor with more experience in treating canines with Cushings. That's when I started running into the name of David Bruyette, over and over again. I read interviews, his published research on the subject, and decided that I wanted to meet with him. The same day I called, I was given an appointment. Dr. B. is very approachable and obviously an expert in his field. He was everything I had hoped for and much more. His bedside manner is superb, clearly explaining the disease, its course and various options that might be helpful. I knew that I wanted to be proactive and treated me like a partner in this medical venture. Since that time, Emma has received the gold standard in treatment. She has been stabilized successfully, and I hope that her future is a long and comfortable one. I know we would not have had these results without Dr. Bruyette, and his nurse, Renee. Thank you to the staff at VCA, and especially to Dr. Bruyette, for all that he does each day.

  • Audrey

    -Rosemarie from Culver City, CA
    Pet Name: Audrey

    Prior to visiting Dr. Reiter, Audrey was miserable. She scratched constantly drawing blood and pulling out her fur. She was on flea medication and did not have fleas. I took her to her regular Vet who prescribed Benadryl for her. This did very little for her. I was referred to Dr. Reiter by Audrey's cardiologist. She diagnosed the problem and prescribed a treatment plan for her. By the next day she was like a different dog. She no longer scratches. She sleeps peacefully and so do I. Her wounds have healed and she does not shed like she did before treatment. She is playful once again. She is happy and so am I. Thank you Dr. Reiter for giving me back my happy healthy little dog.

  • Grateful in Glendale

    -Herb aand Margaret Krose from Glendale, CA
    Pet Name: Dani

    It's quite a trip for us to drive to the clinic. But if Dr. Bruyette were 50 miles further away, there is no question but that we'd go for it. We and our precious Maltese, Dani, are extremely grateful to VCA.

  • Always the Best of Care

    -Christy Jewell from Toluca Lake, CA
    Pet Name: Rocky

    I have been a very long time client of VCA. I know my pets always receive the best of care. Dr. Bruyette is wonderful, he has always taken great care of my animals, and always has a kind word, and the best advice. He is without a doubt the best, I recommend him highly!

  • What a Great Vet

    -Gina Momary from Santa Clarita, CA
    Pet Name: Charlie

    My Charlie was on the edge and Dr. Bruyette has helped to stabilize my boy and keep him on the best path possible. Kidney Disease and Addisons Disease are not a great diagnosis but this doc has been very understanding and answers my questions and concerns without me feeling like a nuisance. I appreciate all that he (and his asst. Renee) have done for Charlie and I. They must be good if I bring my dog from Santa Clarita to VCA West LA! Thank you!

  • Great Folks

    -Mike from McKinney, TX

    I heard Dr. Bruyette lecture years ago at a conference and since that time he has gone above and beyond to help an old broke down vet with his problems. I like his approach to vet medicine because it is both practical and effective.


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