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  • With Sincere Thanks

    -Robin and Michael from Blain, PA
    Pet Name: Charley

    Pet Image We want to thank Dr. Boshoven, Jeanette, Kelly and the rest of the wonderful staff at VCA. We really appreciate your genuine concern and the excellent care you have given to our dog Charley. We are also grateful for the excellent communication that you provided to us regarding his course of treatment and his progress.

    We were referred to VCA after Charley was diagnosed with an anal gland sac carcinoma. Needless to say we were devastated upon hearing this diagnosis and were very unsure of how to proceed with Charley's course of treatment. We met with Dr. Boshoven and it was quite obvious that he is genuinely interested in his patients. He spent a lot of time interacting with Charley even before we began our consultation. Dr. Boshoven took the time to answer all of our questions and then he presented what he felt was a realistic and appropriate course of action. Since surgery was not an option due to the size of the mass he recommended a 6 week course of palliative radiation with chemotherapy. Charley has done very well during these treatments and he is actually eager to go to VCA each week. He really enjoys the attention and affection he receives from the staff. Dr. Boshoven would also meet with us either before or after each of Charley's treatments to give us an update.

    Once again we want to extend our sincere appreciation to all of you. We would highly recommend VCA to anyone in need of specialized veterinary care.

  • Simply the Best

    -Teri Donner from New Market, MD
    Pet Name: Spice

    Was referred to VCA as our Vet was unable to diagnosis why Spice was fine one day and in less than a week was not eating, drinking, lethargic, and barely able to walk. From the moment I walked though the door I was met by the most professional, efficient, and compassionate staff. Words cannot express our sincere thanks to Dr. Reid for referring us to VCA, and to the high quality of care given by Dr. Steinberg. Within hours she was diagnosed with COMS, and while she will be on meds for the rest of her life she started improving within days. I would strongly recommend VCA for emergency situations!

  • Thank you, Dr. Steinberg

    -M. G. Thompson from Baltimore, MD
    Pet Name: Harry

    Because of a prolapsed disk, our black lab Harry's back end was on the verge of being permanently paralyzed. Of course, we were devastated! Thanks to Dr. Steinberg's quick diagnosis and surgical skill, Harry was saved. The operation was 100% successful, and he is now back to walking in the park. I would trust Dr. Steinberg implicitly with any of our animals! Thanks also to his caring assistant Iona. They are the best.

  • Dr. Tina Conway is the best and VRA is great

    -Michelle Mannering from Frederick, MD

    Dr. Conway has cared for all of our cats so far, except the young ones. All of our cats are rescues off the street and have had some severe and complex medical issues over the years: hypothyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, kidney issues, you name it. And we have been through several crises with them, and our cats have come through thanks to Dr. Conway.

    She is, quite simply, the best veterinarian it has ever been our privilege to know, and we have known some great ones. Her medical skills are extraordinary, and we could not ask for a more compassionate veterinarian for our cats or one who has been kinder to their worried, sometimes frantic, guardians.

    I have no doubt that our cats are able to enjoy their senior years with their medical conditions stable and under control because of Dr. Conway.

    The staff at VRA has been extraordinary, too. I have to say I sometimes envy the medical care my cats receive. If Dr. Conway and VRA were allowed to treat humans, I'd be the first to make an appointment.

  • The Experience

    -Anthony Johnon from washngton, DC
    Pet Name: angel

    Very professional and pleasant experience to a very unfortunate outcome.

  • Parker Care

    -Vicki Nelms from Mechanicsburg, PA

    Grateful hardly covers the way we feel about this hospital. We have been beautifully treated and truly feel that Parker has been given wonderful care.

  • care for sarah

    -gloria from sterling, VA
    Pet Name: sarah

    friendly' loving carè. Sarah responding well tô treatment. Atmoshère in facility very pleasant.

  • fabulous care at VCA

    -matt richardson from catonsville, MD
    Pet Name: Carley

    Very professional... neurological surgeon communicated well... definitely seemed like he knew what he was doing which eased our nerves. It was very helpful that this facility is so well equipped (our dog needed a CT scan). Yona was very loving and comforting our dog who was in extreme discomfort.

  • same great bedside manner

    -Eden from Potomac, MD
    Pet Name: jackson

    I have been a satisfied owner for over 10 years. The staff always do a fantastic job handling me and my anxiety with my pets. Their thoroughness is comforting. Their expertise gives you confidence that you know everything about the situation and are making the best decision for your pets welfare.

  • Magnificent care

    -G.Schuchman from Rockville, MD
    Pet Name: Bella Schuchman

    Our 2 y.o. German Shepherd, Bella, was near death with systemic Aspergillosis and referred to VCA/VRA on an emergency basis. She was admitted immediately and put in intensive care. Dr. Conway evaluated her and with knowledge and compassion clearly presented our treatment choices. She even took the initiative to investigate the possibility of enrolling Bella in a research protocol so she could obtain a potentially more effective medication.

    Jason, and the other vet techs who cared for her were incredibly kind and skillful. VCA/VRA even called a number pharmacies in the area to obtain the special medication we needed at the best cost.

    Bella was discharged after 5 days of extraordinary care and she continues to make progress. The bill we received was within the estimate we were given at intake and, in our opinion, was worth every penny!


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