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  • Blue's

    -Blue's Family from Bethesda, MD
    Pet Name: Blue

    To Dear Dr. Alfaro and staff working the night of 4/7/13: You gave our dear cat, Blue, the best care possible. Sadly, it was his time to cross the "rainbow bridge," but we are forever grateful for your expertise, kindness, and consideration. Every person from the front desk attendants to the sweet technician who wrapped him in a warm, cozy blanket helped us with the utmost care and concern. Thank you so very much.

  • Miracles do happen

    -K. McNally from Silver Spring,, MD
    Pet Name: Moriah

    Pet Image My 7 year old, 5 lb. Miniature Pinscher, Moriah was competing in an agility trial when I noticed that she was slowing down and having difficulty breathing. That is when I had the pleasure of meeting Dr.'s Jared Williams and Dave Sailor. It was discovered via Rhinoscopy that Moriah had a large benign mass in her sinus's and was only breathing through one nostril. Dr. Sailor performed the very delicate, risky surgery and removed the mass, piece by piece while Dr. Williams assisted with anesthesia. Amazingly,that same month, Moriah returned to competing in agility, the sport that she loves and in one weekend, moved up to Excellent level. Recently she earned her Masters Jumpers and Standard agility titles. Thank you Dr. Sailor for performing the impossible on such a tiny dog. Thank you Dr. Williams for your wonderful bedside manner, assisting with anesthesia and continuous email updates and calls on her progress throughout the whole process. She is my little miracle dog. She has had no complications related to her condition or the surgery in 3 years and words can't express my appreciation to you both. Most of all, thank you for giving me back my favorite running partner.

  • Wonderful Care from Dr Intile for our cat Princess

    -Jeremy and NIcole Farris from Germantown, MD
    Pet Name: Princess

    My wife and I will be forever grateful for the care that Dr. Intile (and Dr. Calo before her) for our precious little cat, Princess. She was diagnosed with two types of cancer in the early summer of 2010. We originally thought she would live only a few months but thanks to Dr. Intile and Dr. Calo, our little girly-girl, Princess survived all the way until November 1, 2011, exactly one year ago today. We will be forever grateful for the care they provided and giving us another year with our dear sweet cat. I hope her picture hangs at the VCA as a reminder of the wonderful care she received. Thank you Dr. Intile for everything. It really meant a lot to us during these difficult times. The paw print and the other gifts really touched our hearts.

    Eternally Thankful,

    Jeremy and Nicole Farris

  • Forever Grateful to Dr. Intile

    -Kelley and Russell Waller from Burtonsville, MD
    Pet Name: Jimmy

    Pet Image Our Jimmy was diagnosed with Lymphoma in February 2012 and started a series of chemo treatments. In August as he was about to receive his final treatment we discovered the cancer had spread to the spine and brain. The outlook is not good for our boy. But during the 8 months Jimmy has been seeing Dr. Intile, she, Emily and the rest of the VCA staff have treated him and us with the utmost care and respect. Jimmy is not just another dog to them. Dr. Intile and Emily have been great with Jimmy and have taken the time to explain to us everything that is going on, what options we have and have taken the time to listen to our concerns and answer our questions. We know the outcome wasn't what everyone hoped for, but we know in our hearts that Dr. Intile and Emily have given their best to Jimmy. We will be forever grateful to them for the extra time they have given us with our boy. Thank you so much.

  • Much Thanks

    -Jessica from Mt. Airy, MD
    Pet Name: Maggie

    I want to personally thank the VCA staff that helped care for our dog Maggie during her recent surgery and recovery. Maggie suddenly became paralyzed overnight and needed immediate surgery. She was taken to see the Dr. right away and had surgery that afternoon. She had to spend 3 nights at the hospital - and I'm not sure who had it worse. Maggie has slept at the foot of my bed every night for the last 8 years. I was a mess...and so was she. Many of the staff sat with Maggie to comfort her and keep her calm during this time. I especially want to thank Jason for all the care and compassion he showed both us. Maggie is back on her feet and running around like a nut. Thank you all so very much.

  • So much loving care in less than twenty four hours

    -Stephanie Rainwater from Columbia, MD
    Pet Name: Sierra

    Our initial call on Friday evening, when Andrea took such amazing care with us to talk through what we should do, should have been my first indication of how amazing the team at VCA VRA is (after having Sierra [our nearly 12 year old Shiba Inu / Keeshond mix member of the family] in to VCA Columbia Animal Hospital at Centre Park where we received a referral). I do think the combination of Andrea's concern and empathy, paired with Sierra's visual pleading on Sunday, led me to take her to Gaithersburg that evening. When I took her in and Andrea was the one to greet us and help get Sierra checked in, it was an extra acknowledgment that I'd done the right thing. Dr. Swisher was terrific with both of us as well, sensing my fear and trepidation and Sierra's need for attention that I was simply not equipped to give. Monday morning, Dr. Kidder gave me a call to discuss their preliminary thoughts and to suggest a CT scan to properly identify what we were up against. Sadly, the findings were not good, so I went to bring my girl home for some final loving care before we take her in this Thursday. I cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for the care and support extended to us in such a short amount of time. And Dr. Kidder, I must say thank you for confirming the most difficult decision that I have faced in a very long time. I will be eternally grateful for that - and for all of the VCA VRA staff that helped my little girl in her final days.

  • Forever Grateful

    -Helen Day from Clarksburg, MD
    Pet Name: Connor

    Words cannot express the gratitude we have for everyone at VCA in Gaithersburg, MD., who helped our Miniature Schnauzer, Connor. Dr. Steinberg performed a very difficult operation on Connor's back to remove a bulging disc and repair any damage, and Connor had no complications from the surgery. Connor went through physical therapy, laser treatments and even had some water therapy, all of which went so well. Everyone we came in contact with at VCA was amazing - from the people behind the desk who greet you when you arrive (Jonathan, Asia, Barbara, Cheryl, Elizabeth and more), everyone in Physical Therapy (Renee Mills, Robin, and more), everyone in the ICW who took care of Connor after his operation (Olek and more) and who called me every day to give me a report on his progress, Dr. Steinberg (amazing!) and Yona. We feel so fortunate to have this wonderful facility in our area, and we are so grateful for everything they have done for our dog. Connor is back and we thank you!

  • The Gift of Life to Lily

    -Ellen Colket from Ijamsville, MD
    Pet Name: Lily

    VCA gave the gift of life back to our 4 year old white shepherd (Lily) who had been diagnosed with Stage 5 Lymphoma. Dr. Intile, Emily (nurse) and Gwyneth (Admissions and scheduling) were our three lifelines not to mention ALL the wonderful folks from admissions to checkout. What a compassionate, caring and technically first class team and operation - all the way around. We wanted Lily to live, she was too young to be taken from us but we were also frightened about what chemo would do to her, having to face 16 treatments. Well, Lily did amazingly well - she went into remission after the 2nd treatment and is now energetic, happy, and loving life. She wagged her tail knowing when she was going for her treatment. Lily's best friend was Emily who would sit, even lay on the floor with Lily when she had her treatment - oftentimes only lasting 20 minutes - absolutely a miracle to see Lily now. One time on a Saturday we called with a concern and immediately heard back from Dr. Intile. Both she and Emily would call to check in on Lily - something that is just unheard of given everyone's busy schedule. We are and will be forever grateful to VCA, Dr. Intile, Emily and the entire crew - they are like family and have an incredible love, compassion and understanding for pets of all kind. I consider VCA a first class operation with many treatments and a facility that is top in its business and would not hesitate to recommend VCA.

  • Our pet was in good hands

    -Valery Shapovalova from Gaithersburg, MD
    Pet Name: Rusty

    This animal hospital was recommended to us by our dog's veterinarian and also our close family friends. Never in a million years did we think that our dog, Rusty, would get so sick that it would be an absolute necessity to bring him to the emergency room. After dropping him off late at night we didn't know what outcome to expect. The doctors were quick to run tests and were determined to find out what was making our dog so sick. My family and I are very satisfied with the service we got from the doctors and veterinary technicians. They were all kind and resourceful. This is a great place where your pet will feel loved and cared for while being treated for whatever the health issue may be. Rusty is now feeling much better now, and we are so glad that he is back at home with us. Special thanks to Dr. Manhart for taking care of our little guy.

  • Dr Boshoven and Staff

    -Michelle Finafrock from Waynesboro, PA
    Pet Name: Hank

    Hank, the Blue Tick Coon Hound had a pretty rough life prior to us adopting him. We've done our best over the years to keep his chronic ear infections and seizures under control. In April our Vet discovered a Mast Cell Tumor. He promptly removed it and referee us to Gaithersburg VCA for Radiation Therapy. I was so impressed with the quality and professionalism of the center. Hank looked forward to the trip down every Monday because he was treated like a king. I can't imagine looking forward to leaving home each week for daily radiation treatments, but he truly did. When the treatments were finished, he barked at us for a good while before we realized that he was ready for his early Monday morning ride. That day we had to take him with us to run errands so he could at least have "a" ride. I've never seen so much energy in a dog who usually sleeps all day.
    I am so pleased with the friendly and professional staff that I would recommend VCA to anyone who had to go through what our pet did. Hank is doing great now. He was back to normal within a couple of weeks. At eleven years old I felt that was terrific. Thank you all at VCA, you're a fabulous team!


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