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  • Forever Grateful to Dr. Carr

    -Christine-Gulliver's Mom from Derwood, MD
    Pet Name: Gulliver

    I was thrilled when I first learned that VCA Referral had added an Exotics Department. My sweet black/white guinea pig, Gulliver, had a death sentence hanging over his head because of a severe tooth root abscess. The surgery Dr. Carr performed and the subsequent care she provided saved his life. She and her team are dedicated, caring and compassionate professionals who go the extra mile in providing the specialized care that these little critters need. Thank you Dr. Carr - Gulliver and I think you are awesome!!

  • Caring in the Time of Sadness

    -Stormy McCarty from Ocean City, MD
    Pet Name: Stormy

    My cat Stormy had been referred to VRA for Feline Hyperthyroidism with an enlarged heart. I had opted to get the Radioactive Iodine treatment in the hopes of curing this disease. Soon I found out that I would have to leave my little man for one week while getting the treatment!!! Being that I live 3 hours away from VRA this was such a hard decision to make, but I knew this would be the best decision for his health. Well little did I know that the week he would be away from me would be one of the most awful weeks I have encountered in a long time. I dropped Stormy off Sunday and the staff that greeted me were warm, caring and compassionate sensing how sad I was to be away from my boy for so long. They even asked if I wanted a tour of where he would be staying.. Shortly into the week I received the terrible news that my grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer..In between visiting her in the hospital and just crying over this devastating news there was one bright spot that kept me smiling.. That was the daily phone calls I got from a Tech named Sara updating me on my cat and how he was doing.. These phone calls weren't just your generic phones calls like he is eating, drinking and pooping normally.. Sara would call and talk into depth about what my cat would do during the day and tell me all about the funny little things that only my cat would do, which made me realize she really was paying close attention to my special guy. I would actually look forward to these phone calls because they would get me out of my sadness and truly bring a smile to my face.. If Sara and the Staff at VRA don't know it, let me be the first to say you guys don't just take care of pets you take care of the owners too.. You ALL are truly compassionate and caring people and I thank you so much for making me and my pet feel like the most important people and pets in the world..If I ever have anything else that may need to be referred to a specialist I will not go anywhere else but VRA.

  • Angels live at VCA

    -Gheera's Mom from Gaithersburg, MD
    Pet Name: Gheera

    Pet Image I could tell you the story of my precious girl Siamese Gheera, and how she developed diabetes and ketosis, which went undetected for years at her regular vet. But instead, I'll tell you about the amazing, immediate, and stellar care she received at the VCA--and how, because of that care, my Gheera just celebrated her 12th birthday! She continues to be treated at the VCA for checkups, but because of the "angels" at the VCA, Gheera's diabetes is in REMISSION. I can't thank you all enough~

  • Josephine's Dental Explosion Defused by Dr. Carr

    -Bright Eyes Sanctuary from Rockville, MD
    Pet Name: Josephine

    Pet Image Bright Eyes Sanctuary's senior-most rabbit, Josephine (approx 13 yrs), had her mouth 'explode' on her one day and left her with two oronasal fistulas (holes from the roof of the mouth into the sinuses) and was barely able to breathe from resulting congestion. Dr. Lisa Carr, who has been treating the Bright Eyes exotics (rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots) and other animals for many years, lovingly and expertly put Josephine back together again. Checking her mouth every week for several months, and packing and repacking her fistulas with medicated gel, removing diseased teeth and roots, while at the same time being so gentle with Josephine that she looked forward to her weekly doctor visit, we feel she received the best possible care she could have received anywhere.

    Today Josephine looks like a young rabbit and is feeling great. She doesn't have many teeth left but she is just fine. Time after time, we bring in Bright Eyes Sanctuary geriatric patients and patients of all ages to be cared for by Dr. Carr and her team in the Exotics department and she returns them to a state of optimal health. She also spays and neuters all of our new intakes and treats many of our adopters animals as well. We are very grateful for the dedication and expertise of Dr. Lisa Carr! Thank you to her and VRA for providing such a great, healing atmosphere and team.

  • Chauncey's Thank you to Dr. Steinberg

    -Tracy Schaal from Ijamsville, MD
    Pet Name: Chauncey

    Our precious rescue dachshund Chauncey came to Dr. Steinberg in 2010 with an acute back injury from IVDD. Dr. Steinberg and his team literally wrapped Chauncey in their arms upon arrival to VCA with gentle kindness, empathy and most importantly, the most phenomenal neurosurgical skills we could've hoped to receive. Chauncey made a full recovery.
    Since then, because of his IVDD, Chauncey has had another injury. Once again, we made one visit to Dr. Steinberg and we are on the road to recovery. We just wanted to thank you very much for all of the love and compassion you have for your patients and their owners. It really makes a difference in the lives that you touch.

  • Bombay

    -Claire from Olney, MD
    Pet Name: Bombay

    Pet Image I can say with confidence that I recommend this place and the staff. I really appreciate their empathy, professionalism and dedication. I lost my cat of over 11 years, Bombay after surgery (that was done at another place) less than two weeks ago. I rushed him to VCA but he wasn't breathing and didn't have a heartbeat when I arrived. They worked really hard immediately and brought him back, something I didn't think was going to happen at that point. I had enough time to say a somewhat proper goodbye. No one ever made me feel like I was in the way being there with him and they let me pet him while they tried to stabilize him even though a whole team of people were at work. Doctor Blades didn't made me feel like I had to make a choice that was anything but what I was ok with, and I felt like I was given time to make it (circumstances aside) and to discuss it with my dad after she presented facts and options in a really kind, calm way as I sobbed. The staff asked if I wanted my dad to be with me any time I was somewhere he wasn't. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't and I really appreciated the fact that they asked about that as well. They even sent a card afterward and everyone wrote something, they didn't just sign their names. It was personal and they wrote his name. It wasn't like he was just another pet, but that he was my pet and he was important to everyone even though they had never met him before. Even while I was in the process of losing my little one I had every confidence that the staff (who I had never met before) was doing their best and that was worth the world to me.

  • A True Asset To The Hospital and Her Profession

    -Angie Liberty from Gaithersburg, MD
    Pet Name: Mattie

    Dear Dr. Conway, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for saving Mattie’s life. As you are well aware, my Lab Mattie was in bad shape when I first brought her to you. Her esophagus had been severely burned and left unattended for days which exacerbated her condition, she was coughing, drooling, could barely swallow, vomited everything she tried to eat and was extremely underweight. I was devastated; the situation looked dire. Yet despite her severe and adverse condition, you were kind, empathetic and hopeful. From the very beginning and without hesitation you accurately diagnosed Mattie’s condition and carefully and confidently created a detailed and strategic plan providing her with the best chance for a good recovery with a functional esophagus. And now, although she cannot swallow big chunks of food as before, I can say without hesitation that she is a happy, happy dog with an endlessly wagging tail. She thoroughly enjoys eating, playing and taking long walks. Her brother is happy, I am happy and even her little friend Ponki is happy that she’s home. In summary, Dr Conway, I must write that if it were not for your constant concern, diligent care and impeccable skill as a doctor my beloved dog’s ashes would have been in an urn on my fireplace mantel. You are an extremely talented doctor and an extraordinary woman. I feel extremely lucky to have ended up on your doorstep and your company is very fortunate to have such a talented, dedicated and skilled doctor as yourself in their practice. I am eternally grateful. Sincerely, Angie Liberty

  • Excellent Care for Koko

    -Linda Powell from Baltimore, MD
    Pet Name: Koko

    I will start by saying that I have never written a review before. However, I felt that I must recognize the incredibly outstanding care of my kitty: Koko by VCA. She was diagnosed with feline hyperthyroidism. I was so upset when I learned of this but then my sister told me about VCA. From the minute I called and spoke to Mary I had a very good feeling. She was so kind, knowledgeable and polite. When we went in for our consultation about her receiving the I-131 treatment I knew we were in the right place. The receptionist, and Sara and Dr. Conway were so caring and understanding and unbelievably compassionate with not only Koko but my husband and I as well. I was very concerned when I learned that she would have to be there for 5 days. However, Brian was there, to take care of her those 5 days and I can't thank him enough! Every day he called me at 9:30 and 2:30 and let me know everything she was doing and any concerns and her accomplishments. He really went above and beyond by making huge efforts to make her comfortable and feel as good as possible. Things like food likes, preferred litter and even finding her a soft bed. Though we live 1 hour away... it was well worth the drive for such exceptional care from such a highly qualified Veterinarian Hospital. Thank you all very much!

  • Saving Sam

    -Carol Lingley from Ijamsville, MD
    Pet Name: Samantha

    Pet Image Samantha, an 18-month old, owner give-up who was on her way in two more days to a new forever home, became obstructed and ended up at VCA for exploratory surgery. We were impressed with the courteous, professional, and prompt attention by everyone while at VCA: the staff at reception, the tech who met us immediately to get her checked in, the attending vets, radiologist, surgeon, and her caregivers over the next two days. Forever grateful to all who played a role in bringing this girl safely through her surgery and recovery. Thanks Dr. Steinberg for putting together a great team! Happily, Samantha is with her new family and settling in beautifully!

  • Thank you

    -Joe from Derwood, MD
    Pet Name: Ruggles

    Thanks for taking such good care of Ruggles. He is still very fragile but I wanted to let you know that yesterday, he seemed to suddenly bounce back. He is up, wagging his tail, smiling, and walking around. I don't know how long it will last, but it is good to see.


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