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  • VCA saved my boy Boston.

    -Amanda from Quincy, MA
    Pet Name: Boston

    Pet Image My dog had woken up one morning, with lets just say a big belly ache. We took him to a vet and they sent him home with meds. Within 5days my dog had lost 15pounds and gone down hill fast. We took him back and they wanted to do surgery to see if it was something in his belly he may of swallowed. I got a call hours later saying they couldn't do the surgery that they think he has kidney failure and that he may not make it. They recommended we should take him somewhere that has 24hr doctors to give him fluids, they prepared us to basically say our goodbyes. We decided to go with VCA and before we even finished filling out paper work they came and told us they found the problem. Within two days, our boy was home & he's recovering now. The poor guy did swallow a string and had to have 2ft of his intestines taken out. VCA not only took such good care of my boy and made sure they took all the right steps with him, they took care of us. The doctors, the surgeons, everyone. I couldn't be more happier to see my boy at home recovering. Thank you VCA for saving him, and giving us many more years together.

  • Rehab Therapy for Squirt

    -Karen Schoppman from Quincy, MA
    Pet Name: Squirt

    Funny story…. I was watching TV and out of the corner of my eye a caught a cat scampering across the floor chasing a toy. I thought it was Ariel, my other cat, until I realized Ariel was sleeping next to me on the sofa. It was Squirt running around the apartment chasing toys!! I haven’t seen that in a long time. I keep their toys in a wicker basket on the floor. When I got up the next morning, the toys were all over the floor. I guess Squirt is doing better!

    Squirt continues to surprise me. Last night she jumped up on the dining room table. I have NEVER seen her do that. And it was no easy feat. She jumped up on a chest which is about 2 feet high, then across to the table which is about 2 feet from the chest.

  • Many Years of Love

    -The Grout Family from Marshfield, MA
    Pet Name: Squeaky

    Pet Image Our family was so heartbroken when Squeaky became ill, but fortunately our regular vet at South River Vet Services and the VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in South Weymouth were able to help us with medical services and professional care that Squeaky needed. On New Year's day we had to make one of the hardest decisions that we've ever had to make, and the staff at VCA was very supportive and professional, but most of all, the staff was very kind to us when we arrived with Squeaky. Our other cat, Squiggles, is "lost" at times, and so are we since Squeaky has passed away, but we were very fortunate to have had her to love for over 17 years! Best wishes to the entire staff at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital for a safe, healthy and prosperous year.

  • Weymouth VCA Is the Only Place

    -Joe and Karen Thomas from Stoughton, MA
    Pet Name: Gabbi

    Pet Image Dear Weymouth VCA:

    We would like to express our sincere thanks to your staff on behalf of our recently departed family member, Gabbi.

    At the age of 20, Gabbi still acted like a kitten (above). Gabbi never wanted anything from us but a lap to lay on. You cannot imagine how much we appreciated the care she obtained from the Weymouth VCA. When Gabbi first went blind in September and was diagnosed with CRF we did not expect to have her much longer. With treatment from the VCA her sight came back and she was behaving like a kitten again. Up until the last week of January you could not tell she was 20 years old and in the early stages of renal failure. We had hoped to have her in our lives for at least another year, but the onset of an aggressive cancer precluded that hope.

    Even during Gabbi's last hours we cannot express enough of our thanks for the care and treatment Gabbi received from the VCA.

    While we will never be able to replace Gabbi, when it comes time for us to have another pet, the only place we will take her is the Weymouth VCA.

  • Our precious little darling Bella

    -Frankiann , Paulette , Melissa from Boston, MA
    Pet Name: Bella

    Today was a very sad day for our family, we had to put our baby Bella to sleep . My Mom and I brought Bella in to the Emergency room this morning. The staff at the front was so nice and got a nurse for us right away. They put us in a room where the Dr. came in right away. We knew that it was not going to be good news, she was so nice and let us have as much time with Bella as we needed. She told us our Bella had liver disease. They made her very comfortable, wrapped her up in a cozy baby blanket. Her Dr. of many years came into the room Dr. Gierello. and her assistant Maria. They both gave my MOM and I a hug and there deepest sympathies. They always treated Bella like one of theirs. I want to Thank both Dr.'s and their staff for treating us very nicely and for taking very good care of Bella all of these years. We will miss our little Belle. Thank you again...

  • Squeaky

    -Stacey from Bridgewater, MA
    Pet Name: Squeaky

    On St. Patrick's day, I found my best buddy " Squeaky" unable to get up. He had lost use of his back legs and I knew it wasn't good. We had lost our last cat "Gizmo" to the same heart disease, but Squeaky was only 9. We came to Weymouth VCA from Lloyd's in Stoughton with hope that "Squeaky" might survive this horrible disease.. Unfortunately, the prognosis was very poor and Dr. Messina was so sympathetic and I appreciated that. When Dr. Massina brought him in to me to let him go, he was so kind and I could feel that he really did care. Thank you so much for being so gentle with my boy.

  • Compassion

    -Eileen Dowie from Hanson, MA
    Pet Name: Omen

    I had to euthanize our 8 yr old cat "Omen" last night. "Omen" had been diagnosed about a week previously with lung cancer and we took him home to care for him until he became too ill and uncomfortable. Last evening was time and with a heavy heart I brought him back to South Weymouth VCA Hospital. The staff there were all kind, caring and compassionate caregivers. Their method of euthanasia was the best I have seen for the animal as well as the pets loved ones. Thank you to all the staff there for making a sad time easier to bear. Eileen Dowie

  • Great care at VCA South Shore

    -Larry Cotton from Norwood, MA
    Pet Name: Samantha

    My black lab, Samantha, has now visited VCA South Shore twice - our regular vet is in Quincy, but sometimes specialized services are required.

    In 2009 Samantha had a torn ACL which required surgery. Dr. Diamond was terrific, and the process used at VCA expedites the process, so Samantha was not in pain for a prolonged time.

    Most recently we came in for an ultrasound and blood work. Dr. Morrison called me constantly with updates as the lab results came in -- even while she was on vacation!

    Was it expensive? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.

  • Helping a Community Celebrity

    -South Shore Natural Science Center from Norwell, MA
    Pet Name: Hedwig

    Pet Image On September 6, 2010, our non-releasable Barred Owl, Hedwig, suffered a severe injury to her left eye. Since she lost her right eye to glaucoma 4 years ago, this current injury was of great concern. She is housed in an outdoor aviary and with no sight would have to be euthanized. Hedwig is an important part of our Natural Science Center. As an ambassador of her species, she has helped us to fulfill our mission "to provide natural science experiences that educate, excite, and commit every generation to preserve the environment and to encourage responsible use, stewardship and enjoyment of our natural resources."

    We were recommended to see Dr. William Greentree of VCA South Shore Animal Hospital, whose specialty is ophthalmology. Dr. Greentree evaluated the injury and recommended immediate surgery to save the eye.

    Dr. Greentree, along with Dr. Stephen Dyer, an avian specialist, performed emergency surgery and was able to repair the damage. In the weeks since the surgery, Dr. Greentree has made several visits to the Science Center to check on "his patient" and is pleased with her recovery.

    We would like to commend Dr. Greentree, Dr. Dyer, and VCA South Shore for their on-going support of our center and our mission.

  • A BIG Thank You

    -H. Phillips and R. Pinchback from Plymouth, MA
    Pet Name: Ezzie

    Pet Image Dear Dr. Kube & the Neuro Team,
    This is a long overdue thank you for all the wonderful care you gave our dear, little Ezzie. We know we were very fortunate to have such a great team of professionals to guide us through her illness, especially during the last few weeks.

    We are especially thankful to you, Dr. Kube, not only for your wonderful care of Ezzie, but for your concern for us as well, during the last difficult decision. As I told you that day, we could not have made the decision without your guidance and concern. It was obvious that your concern was not just for what was best for Ezzie, but your concern for us showed through as well.

    We want to especially thank Jayne for her wonderful encouragement and concern that we received just about every time we were there. It seemed as if she was there every time we came in and she always made an effort to speak to us and made us truly feel as if we were part of the family. And a big thank you must be made to Jackie, as well. We would probably not have had Ezzie with us for so long without her help and support. She taught us so much about the things we needed to do for Ezzie and became more to us than just Ezzie's therapist, as we think of her as a friend. Thank you for suggesting that we do physical therapy.

    Your combined efforts, help and guidance allowed us to have Ezzie with us much longer than we ever thought possible when she was diagnosed with DM. You and your team are the very best of what animal care and welfare is about. Many sincere thanks to all of you.

    We are sure that we will see you all again, as there will be other pugs in our lives at some point. In the meantime, we certainly would not hesitate to recommend VCA Weymouth to anyone who asked - it was our experience throughout this process that everyone was caring, concerned and that the pet comes first, always.

    Thank you again for everything. We couldn't have done it without ALL OF YOU


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