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  • Thankful for VCA Shoreline

    -Jackie M from Trumbull, CT
    Pet Name: Minnie

    Our 9 lb apricot, Malti-Poo, named Minnie, was attacked by our neighbor's German Shephard. We immediately went to VCA Shoreline that evening where she was taken for treatment and embraced by the entire staff. Minnie suffered 5 deep wounds from the bites in all those places--which included a pelvic fracture and hemilamenectomy. We didn't think she would be able to walk ever again. She had edema within her spinal chord. She had no deep pain sensation in either leg. She was operated on within the first 24 hours to stitch her wounds and put her in a body cast. She lived at VCA Shoreline for 2 weeks. We visited her every day. She had the utmost care with Dr. Livingston, Dr. Galano, Dr. Galooza, Dr. Acquaviva, Dr. Nolte and all the technicians that helped change and decorate her bandages (Halloween and Thanksgiving designs)and cared for her during her entire stay. We knew we were in such good care and it helped us get through our days. It was evident that the staff is highly competent and experienced, focused on every animal to ensure it gives it the highest level of care and so sincerely loving. Minnie felt that affection and it helped her heal. At one point, we thought we were going to lose her but miraculously she regained her feeling in her legs and 2 months later was back to her old self with a minor limp which we are still optimistic will be healed within the next few months. The care was conservative (in not rushing to take off a cast or operate right away or perform a test for the sake of it) and team based (so when they turned over staff from evening to morning, everyone knew Minnie and her case--there was never any disruption). The place is also very clean and the front line and billing staff was so friendly and thorough as well. We are so thankful this thanksgiving to have Minnie and to have met the most wonderful people at VCA Shoreline. It truly is the place to go to get top care for your pet. Thank you to the entire staff for all that you do

  • Loving Life...

    -The Burkes from Trumbull, CT
    Pet Name: Jazzie

    Pet Image Our beautiful girl, Jazzie, is back to loving life and chasing squirrels again. After suffering a CCL injury, we made an appointment to see Dr. Nolte whose thorough and detailed nature brought us gradually through the process of tests, minimally invasive treatments and eventually the decision for a necessary TTA surgery. Dr. Nolte prepared us fully for the surgical process right through the post surgery and the specifics necessary for a great outcome. The entire VCA Shoreline staff cares lovingly about their patients and are an incredibly talented team. We are so grateful!

  • Excellent Care

    -Martin O from Easton, CT
    Pet Name: Trinity

    This was our first time to your facility and we could not have been more pleased. We had to wait for over 2 hours but we understand, as the doctor explained, that she could not sedate our aggressive dog until all other emergencies were taken care of. Everyone from the front desk staff, the technician to the doctor were absolutely wonderful to us and our dog. It was not a typical case as they could not even examine our dog without sedating her because of her aggression. Even in light of this, your staff made the visit as calm and pain free as possible by not only explaining every step of the treatment but by treating our dog at all. We WILL highly recommend your facility to everyone we know. Thank you all for your caring, understanding and professionalism, not to mention diagnosing the problem quickly, accurately, and following up after the urine and cultures came back positive for infection. We dealt with both Dr. Livingston in the office and with Dr. Smith (by phone), who were both extremely kind, explained every detail and answered dozens of questions.

  • with our appreciation

    -amy dicocco from stratford, CT
    Pet Name: Shelby

    Yesterday we had to bring our 12 year old beloved lab, Shelby, for her final journey. It tore at our hearts but we knew we could not let her suffer. Dr Cici and I believe Kristen were absolutely loving with Shelby. She left us in total peace, no pain, and we will always remember what you did for us. Everyone at VCA Shoreline was so kind to us, compassionate as we had to let our Shelby go. Thank you for everything.

  • Immeasurable care and compassion

    -Colette L from Milford, CT
    Pet Name: Gracie

    The care and compassion we received here is immeasurable. You helped us with putting our dog Gracie down early this morning. She went peacefully thanks to you. Your staff felt like family to us. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Thankful

    -Meg A. from Waterbury, CT
    Pet Name: Puppers

    Pet Image "Thank you so much for the great care we received for our dog Puppers Everyone was so nice and helpful"

  • Thank you Shoreline

    -barbara macey from stratford, CT
    Pet Name: Anakin Skywalker

    I can not say enough good about VCA Shoreline. They actually saved our dog from a traumatic and possibly deadly experience. Anakin Skywalker is doing fine now with his loving family. On a scale of 1 to 10 you guys are a 10, we cannot thank you enough and really do appreciate everything that you have done for us and for Anakin Barbara, Dusty and Veronica

  • The little things...

    -Al from Trumbull, CT
    Pet Name: Rosie

    Pet Image We noticed a little bump on our dogs ear. Turned out to be a tick but both of us were nervous about pulling it given the location. We felt a little embarrassed needing assistance for something like this. The staff at Shoreline VCA were absolutely wonderful! It is comforting to know a caring group like this is nearby for even the little things... let's hope they all stay small. Thank you Shoreline VCA!

  • Wonderful experience

    -Michele Ferrari from Ansonia, CT
    Pet Name: Doughy

    Pet Image I want to thank all the staff I came in contact with and the ones I never saw. From the girls at the desk to the assistants to the wonderful doctors.. Thank you all for taking such good care of my little Doughy... He is just still such a little guy and you all were wonderful with him. Thank god you all were there for him to help heal him quickly... Wonderful staff wonderful Hospital!!!

  • Thank You

    -Jeff and Pat from Torrington, CT
    Pet Name: Oscar

    To All the Wonderful Doctors, Technicians and Office Staff at VCA Shoreline:

    Please forgive the late date on which this is being written: It is not, I assure you, a reflection of any lack of gratitude. It is difficult even now to think back on Oscar’s last days but it is also hard to express just how thankful we both are for all you did for him and for us.

    To the people for whom no words are sufficient, Dr. Nolte, Dr. Acquaviva and Dr. Stubblefield and to all the doctors who devoted their time to check in on Oscar or consult on his care: What you all were able to accomplish on the medical front was astounding enough. We have no doubt that Oscar would never have had a chance had we brought him anywhere else. But what puts each of you heads above “the competition” is not just your respective and considerable skills, but also the unstinting compassion and care we’re seen demonstrated time and again toward all the animals and their human parents who come through your doors. The time you all spent patiently explaining everything and advising us of our options �" always within the context of your compassion for both Oscar and us �" is something we will never forget. Ever.

    And to the unsung heroes of the ER, the Technicians: We love you all for the kindness you showed our boy. I hope each of you knows just how much you mean to all your charges: To be in pain, away from home, and not understand why�"that just has to be the most pitiable scenario I can think of. We have repeatedly seen the gentleness with which you all handle these animals and we saw it each time you were around Oscar. Yours is a special calling and each of you will always be special to us for all you do and for what you did for our Oscar.

    To Susan and the Office Staff: Your cheerful thoughtfulness is simply unmatched. The friendship and concern you always demonstrate was so appreciated during those rough weeks. I don’t think we will ever get over your generosity and support.

    Finally, after all every one of you did for Oscar and for us, we received the card informing us of the donation you made to the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Foundation. That was such a touching tribute to Oscar’s fighting spirit and we thank you so much for that. He was our special boy and we pray that it will help other Oscars who are equally special to their humans.
    Jeff and I have said this repeatedly�"and I hope you all believe us�"you are all like family to us. You’ve helped us and our pets through some of the most difficult time in our lives. Oscar’s death hit us hard, but we take comfort in the fact that there was a wonderful group of people caring for him and about him and praying for him as hard as we were�"and that they were with us, surrounding him, in his final moments.

    God bless every one of you!

    With Sincere Appreciation and Affection,
    Pat and Jeff Gangloff


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