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  • Our Christmas Miracle

    -Dingo from Danbury, CT
    Pet Name: Dingo Felmer

    Pet Image We cannot say enough about VCA Shoreline Hospital. Dingo was hit by a car and our hometown vet referred us to VCA. It was the longest half our ride of our lives but once Dingo was taken into VCA the support and care we received by all the staff at VCA helped us get through it all. Never once did we have an awkward feeling about leaving Dingo in the hospital..they took care of him as if he was their own. They took such good care that Dingo loves going in for his checkups! LOL...Thank you so much VCA...our hometown paper may do a story on Dingo and we will be sure to mention VCA.

    Thank you so much VCA for saving Dingo...

    Love, The Felmer Family

  • The Miracle Workers at VCA Shelton

    -Linda Burke from Brookfield, CT
    Pet Name: Lucy Burke

    We cannot praise enough the VCA Shoreline Animal Hospital and the team of doctors, technicians, and administrative staff and the care and healing they provided for our little yorkie Lucy and our family. One week ago I walked into their hospital, terrified and heartbroken that we would lose Lucy. Everyone was so kind and understanding. They acted swiftly and she received the most incredible medical attention that we could have ever imagined. They are all so dedicated, talented, gifted, and compassionate. We received several calls a day updating us on her progress, surgery, and healing process. One week later, I sit here writing this, with Lucy by my side, and not being able to find the words to express the gratitude and appreciation we feel for these people and what they have done for Lucy and us. Lucy is almost back to her normal, joyful, loving self. We have you to thank for saving her life. You truly perform miracles everyday for our little, furry, family members. We can only thank you with all our hearts.

  • Mikey's back to normal

    -Larry and Florence Hansen from Prospect, CT
    Pet Name: Mikey

    Thanks to both Dr. Shakire and Dr. Price, our sweet little Mikey survived either eating something toxic OR suffered a neurologic seizure. He's only a year and a half old, very healthy, but when we brought him into Shorline in the wee hours of Monday morning 11/8, he was so unresponsive and sick, that we thought we'd never see him again. Leaving him in the critical care unit overnight, we were heartbroken. But so happy and surprised when we got the call next morning that he was getting back to normal. The support and TLC he received was top notch and we're convinced that he wouldn't be here today if we hadn't brought him to Shoreline. Eternally grateful...Larry and Florence Hansen

  • The Finest Veterinarian Care

    -Brian J. Palumberi from Shelton, CT
    Pet Name: Ernie

    Pet Image On June 28th, 2010 my cat Ernie was not feeling well, therefore I immediately brought him to the Shoreline facility. After various tests were performed, I was told he was suffering from Stage IV chronic renal failure (CRF). The entire staff, led by Dr. Larry Berkwitt, explained to me in great detail precisely what the disease, diagnosis and the prognosis entailed.

    Ernie spent the next 6 to 8 weeks in and out of the hospital facility in treatment for his CRF. The veterinarian team continuously updated me on his condition on a daily basis, sometimes calling me several times a day. Each day I visited Ernie, I was greeted by a wonderful, professional administrative and technician team, who truly made Ernie and me feel quite special.

    I cannot say enough about the fine team of veterinarians and technicians who treated Ernie and me like extended family. The level of compassion, dedication, respect and professionalism was truly heart-felt and unparalleled. The team tirelessly worked on Ernie'™s treatment plan with the highest level of medical care and skill.

    I would be remiss not to praise the excellency of the Shoreline Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center, especially for anyone who is considering medical treatment for their beloved pet.

    I always knew Ernie was a special cat. The exceptional team at Shoreline confirmed it.

    Ernie truly has touched the hearts of so many!

    Thank you again,

    Brian J. Palumberi

  • Proved time and time again they are THE BEST

    -Rosann R. from Orange, CT
    Pet Name: Duker

    Pet Image I called VCA on Sat July 10th 2010 for immediate help for our family pet Duker... a small daschund. and Duker had been at VCA before years ago and we had only the BEST outstanding care, compassion and support by everyone at VCA... The supportive staff said bring him right in. Duker needed emergency surgery on his back.. Dr. Torre called Dr. Galano, the neurosurgeon and she sent him immediately for an MRI and surgery with Dr. G. WE were updated and comforted , with the utmost respect in every way possible. I was a wreck ! Everyone esp. Dr. Galano, Dr. Torre and Sarah and his doctors were answering every single question I had. Duker came out of surgery and I think he wanted to stay with the staff! Each staff member has special talents from above to care for our friends who can't speak our language and who give love unconditionally! to us! If I needed surgery, I would wish these wonderful professional doctors and people would work on human patients too! I would be first in the line. Duker is recovering under strict crate rest and then in PT. I believe if you own a pet , you should be able to protect him/her and do all you can to keep them as safe and sound as you would your child! VCA has proved time and time again they are THE BEST! We love you Dr. Galano and staff! (Read all the message boards in VCA office and know as a testament to all the talented staff at VCA! )

  • Couldn't be more thankful

    -Keri from Norwalk, CT
    Pet Name: Reese

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner I can't help but to think about how thankful I am for the staff, especially Dr. Galano, at VCA Shoreline. Almost two years ago to this date my mini dachshund Reese began suffering from IVDD and my local vet recommended us to Shoreline. They immediately took him in and scheduled his surgery for the following Monday. They were very accommodating when I came to visit him over that weekend and when I came to take him home (I could tell that he was loved by all since most of the staff came out to see him off). Reese couldn't be a happier pup nowadays and loves being able to play with his brother and sister.

  • Compassionate and caring

    -Jake Gulick from Bridgeport, CT
    Pet Name: Jacob

    Yesterday, my adopted cat of 15 years returned home from a week missing with a severe infection. As he was nearly 20 yrs old, I feared the worst. No matter how well prepared you are, it's never an easy decision, but the staff and Doctor were very balanced, honest and compassionate. Not once did I feel pressured or judged. Tough day to be sure, but, I'm thankful that things worked out the way they did and I landed at VCA. Many thanks for helping out a great cat at a rough time. Highly recommended.

  • Losing Lulu...

    -Linda Cervero from Bridgeport, CT
    Pet Name: Lulu

    Today I had to send my beloved 19-year-old Schipperke to the Rainbow Bridge. Barbara and Dr. McCann took care of us. They were both so kind and compassionate. Thank you for your kindness during a very sad time.

  • Compassionate

    -Deb from Ansonia, CT
    Pet Name: Katie

    Pet Image Thank you so much for the professional and compassionate care of my Rag-doll cat Katie. The entire staff was wonderful and supportive when I had to make the decision every pet owner hates to have to make. Thank you all.

  • Great Hospital

    -Missy P from Milford, CT
    Pet Name: Toby

    Pet Image VCA Shoreline is a great hosp. When I took my pup in there he was on his last legs from attack from another dog. They took my pup right in and took care of him in the ICU for 6 days. PJ and the rest of the staff were awesome they helped me through everything, it was very stressful, I didn't think he would be able to walk again etc. But they did such a great job taking care of him and I thank them for it


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