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  • Excellent Care

    -Karen Burns from San Francisco, CA
    Pet Name: Eliza

    VCA SF Veterinary Specialists did an excellent job taking care of my 6 month old puppy Eliza. Dr. Philip Watt surgically repaired the growth plate deformity in her leg fixing her limp. He was very professional and informative and has a great Aussie accent. The entire staff (Naomi, Linnea and others) spoiled Eliza giving her red-carpet attention, cuddling, and belly rubs in addition to providing me updates during her hospital stay. Many thanks to the entire staff!

  • excellent care, facilities and support

    -Greg Gadwood from San Francisco, CA
    Pet Name: Biggs Barker

    Pet Image My small dog went from appearing perfectly healthy, to -- within 5 days -- degenerating to the point frequent yelping from intense pain, and experiencing seizures. It was on a particular night that I realized he needed emergency attention as he was only getting worse, and I didn't know where to go... I called a friend who recommended VCA. When I brought him in, I was fortunate to see veterinarian very quickly and have an opportunity to explain the history and symptoms. It was serious enough that we kept him at the hospital for 3 days and had an MRI and other tests done to determine the problem. At follow-up consultations afterwards, several options were proposed, and a treatment plan was put in place. The hospitalization period was very upsetting for me. All of the staff, technicians, and veterinarians I communicated with were kind, supportive, and professional during this time. I was also very satisfied with the level of care and communication I received from the neurologist, Dr. Sutton throughout. We weren't sure what the outcome might be after treatment; fortunately, my dog has shown immense improvement. But, regardless of whether my dog recovered or not, I must credit the treatment and care he received as a major factor in his improvement.

  • Thank You

    -Jennifer from San Francisco, CA

    I had never used VCA in SF before but had an emergency with my dog one Friday night. I came in, was well looked after, offered a private room to be with my dog and given compassionate, top-notch care by the Vet and staff members. I am eternally grateful for all their help.

  • Appreciation from Pouncer Lee's Family

    -San San Win-Lee from Daly City, CA
    Pet Name: Pouncer Lee

    Pet Image Dr. Winnie L. Ybarra is very patient and a detail-oriented. All the staff including front desk Receptionist Maria, Intern Dr. Lauren Silverman, Vet Technicians, Valet Parking Attendant were very courteous. I felt very blessed for staying few hours with these friendly individuals at SFVS yesterday.


General Practice

We have over 600 animal hospitals in 41 states and 4 Canadian provinces that are staffed by more than 3,000 fully-qualified, dedicated and compassionate veterinarians, with more than 400 being board-certified specialists.

The nationwide VCA family of general practice hospitals give your pet the very best in medical care, providing a full range of general medical and surgical services as well as specialized treatments such as wellness, spay/neuter, advanced diagnostic services (MRI/CT Scan), internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, boarding, and grooming. Services may vary by location.

Our family of pet hospitals stands out by delivering the greatest resources in order provide the highest quality care available for your pets. By maintaining the highest standards of pet health care available anywhere, we emphasize prevention as well as healing. We provide continuing education programs to our doctors and staff and promote the open exchange of professional knowledge and expertise. And finally, we have established a consistent program of procedures and techniques, proven to be the most effective in keeping pets healthy.

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Emergency Care

In an Emergency ...

1. Contact your general veterinarian's office. They may be more closely located and available to assist you.

2. If it is after hours or VCA SFVS is more conveniently located, call us at (415) 401-9200 and provide the client service representative with:

  • Your name and your pet's name
  • Your location and estimated time of arrival
  • Your pet's emergency

3. Get support to safely transport your pet to VCA SFVS. If you have medical records related to your pet’s emergency, please bring those with you.

24/7 Urgent Care and Emergency Services

  • Complete intensive care unit (ICU) laboratory
  • Endoscopic foreign body removal
  • Full range of blood products
  • Oxygen therapy
  • 24-hour ICU monitoring by veterinary nurses trained in critical care, surgery and internal medicine
  • Emergency surgical service
  • Around-the-clock access to SFVS specialists
  • Post-operative care for referring veterinarians' surgical cases

We are committed to keeping your trusted primary care veterinarian informed and in the loop!