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  • Sweet Pea

    -Mary and Garry Gunderson from Yuba City, CA
    Pet Name: Sweet Pea

    Pet Image Sweet Pea was a feral cat we domesticated. We live in the country & offer a nice big fenced backyard to those smart enough to stay in (& all cats are in the house at night). Ms. Pea scaled the fence & left now & then, for a couple of hours... One day (about 9 years ago) I came home & she was calmly waiting to go in the house. I opened the door & she started trying to drag herself in, by her front legs! I picked her up & saw her tummy covered in stickers because she'd dragged herself through orchards to get home. There was only a tiny skin tear with a drop of blood, no major wounds visible. I ran her to my local vet. He x-rayed her legs and said the damages were beyond the scope of what he could fix. He said he'd call a couple of Sacramento vets & see what they thought. I left my poor girl with them not knowing if she could be fixed, or how much it would run. A few days later I brought her to your facility & met Dr. Koehler. Sweet Pea had a crushed hock joint (ankle) on one leg and a torn up knee on the other leg. He said he thought he could repair her & that she could go on pretty normally. Between surgery & office visits it ran about $4,000. But, her human "daddy" had just had 2 knee replacements & they ran $120,000.00. I think about Dr. Koehler, working on TEENY little things... bone grafts from her hip to the metal plates & screws & stuff & I know he had a harder time than the old man's doctor, who made a ton more $$! The staff made the visits fun, they'd cut out cute designs for her cast changes, etc. She recovered with limited mobility for a couple of months. We decided Sweet Pea should be an "inside cat" after all that. She really didn't mind much. And a few times she escaped. The first time I saw her fly over the fence & leap from 6' up I about had a heart-attack... but her legs held up to it. She still goes crazy & runs around the house like a nut sometimes. And she's 17 1/2 years old now. About 2 years ago I started going outside with her a little (I tried harnesses to no avail) for "tail walks". I'd hold her tail & let her chow down on some bermuda grass tips (her favorite!). Then we tried her outside in the back again & she's been great, no more scaling the fence & running off for adventure. She gets a sunbath. Her end is not far off, she has some breathing issues now, but I just wanted to let you & your cat-friends know that her repaired legs have never had a problem in all this time & I never felt she had any pain after they healed or anything. Wonderful work! Thank you & God bless!

  • Very impressed with facility and workers

    -Rachel Jacinto from sacramento, CA
    Pet Name: Butch

    Around 9:00 pm May 10, 2012 we rushed our 12 week old puppy Butch to VCA because something was wrong with him. From the moment we were greeted to the time we checked out, we received friendly and caring service. The vet on duty was very easy to talk to and was very skillful. Also, the facility is very clean. Butchie was okay and we left VCA feeling very impressed with the whole experience. We would definitely recommend VCA to our friends and family. Thank you VCA!

  • VCA SVRC is the BEST

    -Jeannette from Sacramento, CA
    Pet Name: Zoey and Gyver

    Pet Image We have had two unlucky situations occur with two of dogs, and I can't imagine how things would have turned out if we would have taken them to another vet. First was our pug Zoey. When she was just 3 months old she jumped down from our (non moving) car, landed wrong and shattered her elbow. The break was bad, the word "shattered" was used and you could see little floating pieces of her bone in the X-ray. They said the break was so bad that there was a chance that even after the surgery her leg could possibly be lame and have to be amputated. She had orthopedic surgery and wasn't allowed to walk for 6 weeks. We were so nervous when the time came and she was perfect! She is now 6 years old and doesn't even have a limp.

    Our next dog Gyver (german short hair pointer) had been vaccinated, but from vaccines you get at feed stores, not at a vet. They either must not have been kept at the correct temperature, or he was that small percentage they didn't work on. When he was 5 months he got parvo. There is a very slim survival rate with parvo for those who don't know. We couldn't afford to keep him at the vet for the week this time but weren't willing to give up either. They allowed my husband to care for him at home. They sent him home with multiple IV bags and shots to give him. With their help we were able to nurse him back to life and he survived!

    We have never had a bad experience with this vet. Everyone we have ever seen is always so kind. I would recommend this vet to anyone looking for the best care, and best staff around!

  • Lilly's

    -Carol Anderson from Rancho Cordova, CA
    Pet Name: Lilly

    Our dog Lilly the Boxer was being seen at our regular veterinarian for routine vaccinations. The Doctor always listens to her chest as part of her routine visits. Lilly had been a little more tired lately, but still acted like her crazy Boxer-self at times. Turns out, the Doctor heard something terribly wrong with her heart rate and rhythm. She suggested taking her to a cardiologist right away. Having worked in the veterinary field for 25 years, VCA SVRC was the first place I thought to take her. After arriving at VCA SVRC, they did a triage and decided that Lilly was in trouble and needed some very quick tests and treatment. It seems her heart was beating at a very fast rate with arrhythmia. After the much needed diagnostics, Dr. MacKie put her on meds that have really improved her rate and rhythm. She still sees Dr. MacKie every 3 months to make sure that things are still under control with her meds, but she is doing great! Thanks to the great work of Dr. MacKie and staff, my Lilly is still her loveable, goofy, Boxer-self!

  • Thank You Very Much

    -Doug and Sara from Citrus Heights, CA
    Pet Name: Gus

    We took our Mastiff, Daisy, to VCA when she had difficulty standing and would not eat or drink. She spent several days-nights in ICU before we made the heart-wrenching decision to let her go. Doctors Runyan and Moore were not only very competent vets that kept Daisy's quality of life as the top priority , but compassionate people who gently guided us into making the difficult decision to end her suffering. And the staff at VCA was, bar none, the very best. Everyone we had contact with, without exception, was kind, courteous, and clearly loved animals. We feel very lucky to have them here for us and our pets and have no hesitation to highly recommend VCA to any pet owner seeking medical help for their beloved pet. They are simply the best and you will not be disappointed in the quality of service both to your pet and to you. First class operation all the way.

  • Bella Marie

    -Marcy from Citrus Heights, CA
    Pet Name: Bella

    Pet Image We had a first visit with VCA Sacramento in 2013 for a referral to see Dr Katy Fryer, for our beloved GSD Bella and a possible hip dysplasia issue. We fell in love with the way she bonded with Bella, answered all our questions and calmed all our fears. No need for surgery at that time and we went on our sassy canine way. Recently, Bella became impaired in her hind legs and we were referred to Dr Gregg Kortz. Dr Kortz and his team, Mary, Jessica, and Heidi to name a few were amazing during our 6 weeks of care. Personable, approachable, dependable, clean, transparent, prompt, professional, educated, patient, kind, and warm are just some of the words that describe this Veterinary Team and Center. Though it has taken me some time to be able to post, I am warm with the opportunity by their support, to have had almost all of our entire family at the bedside while we assisted Bella across the Rainbow Bridge. This team will forever be in our hearts and at the top of our list for referrals for specialized care.

  • Croi Beag McFarland

    -Rachel McFarland from Silver Springs, NV
    Pet Name: Croi Beag

    Pet Image Our dog Croi Beag had injured herself 1-Feb-2014. We thought she had jumped over a chain link fence and caught herself on it. We took her to a vet that has Sunday hours in Reno (about 1 hour away) and they said they thought it was a clean puncture wound and she would be fine. Several weeks later, puncture wound still there and dog has stopped using her leg. Several regular vet visits with no luck and then a referral to a specialist in Reno. 3 surgeries and a year later, dog is still not using leg and puncture wound is still open. Finally it is decided that Croi needs an MRI because there must be foreign material inside her. (A splinter of wood about 1/4 in long had been removed during the last of the 3 surgeries in Reno. We had realized she must not have hurt herself originally on a metal fence but jumping over a downed tree in our back yard.) VCA Sacramento was amazing! There was a little bit of a mix up regarding timing but Dr Runyan was very considerate of our situation. Croi had her MRI on a Tuesday in March 2015. The next Monday, Dr. Runyan called and said that radiologist Dr. Long had pinpointed where the foreign bodies were and scheduled her for surgery the next day. VCA Sacramento allowed us to drop Croi off Monday night w/o charging us a fee for boarding. They also kept her until we could come back for her a couple days later, very understanding that we lived 3 hours away. Dr. Runyan kept us in the loop the entire time that Croi was away from us. Thanks to his expertise and the expertise of Dr. Long (who we never were fortunate enough to meet, but are forever thankful to) our Croi is now using all four paws on a regular basis. Dr. Runyan has continued to be interested in her progress even several months out from the surgery. The staff at VCA is amazing and very compassionate.

  • Thank you

    -Judy and Barry from Sacramento, CA
    Pet Name: Kramer

    On May 1, 2015, we brought our golden retriever, Kramer, to the VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center emergency services on Old Winery Road. He had eaten the toxic seed pods from a Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow plant and was drooling and in pain. We are so grateful for Dr. Arnold's quick, caring response that evening and to each of the doctors and staff who attended him and kept us informed about his condition during the next 48 hours. Kramer is with us, healthy and happy again, because of the excellent service this facility provides. Thank you!

  • Thank you from Mimi and family

    -Kimberly Bennett from Sacramento, CA
    Pet Name: Mimi

    We recently brought our kitty Mimi in to your clinic in Carmichael. From our first phone contact with your staff, to the follow-up we received after our visit, we couldn't have been more impressed with your service and friendly staff. Frankly, we didn't expect Mimi to behave as well as she did, and give you much credit for making the experience as comfortable for her as possible. Having been a veterinary technician myself, and being familiar with most aspects of a small animal practice, I probably have a more critical eye than most - and I was very impressed with you all, and your clinic. Keep up the great work!!! Kimberly Bennett

  • Great experience

    -George T from El Dorado Hills, CA
    Pet Name: Moxie

    Great experience, very caring and attentive people.


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