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Overnight Monitoring

VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center
Process For Referring Cases for Basic Overnight Monitoring Package

We are happy to provide a Basic Overnight Monitoring package for appropriate cases. These are cases which are in need of basic monitoring and observation, but do not need in-depth care.

Basic Overnight Monitoring Includes:
• Admit Examination
• Fluid Pump
• Hospitalization
• Monitoring
• Up to 2 injections
• Oral medication administration
• Release back to you in the morning by 8am. We will not be discharging from our facility unless the patient comes with written discharge instructions and medications already scripted to go home.

Appropriate Cases for Overnight Monitoring Include:
• Stable Post-op Cases
• Chronic Renal Failure Cases so as to maintain on 24 hour IV fluids
• Able to be transferred back to you by 8am
• Simple Gastroenteritis Cases on IV fluids
• OVH/neuter- concerned about bleeding complications (estimate does not include blood work monitoring)

Examples of Cases Which Should Be Referred, rather than Sent for Monitoring:
• Oxygen dependant animals
• GDVs
• Splenectomy/Hemoabdomen
• Animals being referred over for Other In Depth/Specialty Consultations that need more work up and diagnostics

The overnight monitoring does not include blood pressure, telemetry, pulse ox monitoring or any blood work performed. These tests will be additional if needed and authorized by the client. The basic package will include 2 injections and oral medication administration if the owners bring their own medications; additional injections will be at an additional charge.

In order to send a case to us:
1) Quote your client approximately $250-300 for the overnight care
2) Contact our emergency DVM staff directly to discuss the case
3) Fill out the attached Pre-Admission form and prepare copies of records to send with the client
4) Send the patient over with necessary medications, fluids, and with a patent, sterile IV catheter in place
5) Written discharge instructions and medications to go home if expecting us to discharge the patient in the morning.

Overnight Monitoring Referral Form


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