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Cancer Staging

Most of our patients are sent to us by local general practitioners with a particular diagnosis. The diagnosis is usually reached via a biopsy, fine needle aspirate, or by removing the mass altogether. The tests that we perform are dependent on the type of tumor, the site, and what tests the referring veterinarian has already performed.

All animals with cancer should be staged. This is to ensure that the cancer has not spread to another part of the body and also make sure that your animal does not have some other health related issue that may affect its overall survival or outcome.

Staging is done to determine the extent of tumor in the body, then it is used to determine the prognosis for your pet and possible treatment options.

Tests often used in staging include: blood counts, serum chemistry, urinalysis, radiographs, aspirates, biopsies, cytology, ultrasound, CT scan, endoscopy and immunologic studies.

Staging is not an exact science, and unfortunately, we are only able to detect disease that is of a certain size. If your pet has very small amounts of disease (microscopic) most of our staging tests will unfortunately not be able to identify these sites.


General Practice

We have over 600 animal hospitals in 41 states and 4 Canadian provinces that are staffed by more than 3,000 fully-qualified, dedicated and compassionate veterinarians, with more than 400 being board-certified specialists.

The nationwide VCA family of general practice hospitals give your pet the very best in medical care, providing a full range of general medical and surgical services as well as specialized treatments such as wellness, spay/neuter, advanced diagnostic services (MRI/CT Scan), internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, boarding, and grooming. Services may vary by location.

Our family of pet hospitals stands out by delivering the greatest resources in order provide the highest quality care available for your pets. By maintaining the highest standards of pet health care available anywhere, we emphasize prevention as well as healing. We provide continuing education programs to our doctors and staff and promote the open exchange of professional knowledge and expertise. And finally, we have established a consistent program of procedures and techniques, proven to be the most effective in keeping pets healthy.

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Emergency Care

In case of emergency, please call your referring veterinarian or us immediately. If it is after hours, please contact one of the 24-hour hospitals in the Portland Metro Area:

VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists located in Clackamas, OR at 16756 SE 82nd Drive, 503-656-3999. This 24-hour emergency and specialty referral hospital has boarded specialists in emergency and critical care, surgery, oncology, neurology, internal medicine, and ophthalmology.

VCA SE Portland Animal Hospital located in SE Portland on 139th and SE Stark, 503-255-8139. This is a 24-hour full service hospital for urgent and emergency care with two boarded surgeons.

Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in NW Portland is located at 1945 NW Pettygrove Street, 503-228-7281. This is a 24-hour emergency and critical care facility with boarded specialists in emergency and critical care and surgery.