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  • Thank you

    -Therize Skelly from Scottsdale, AZ
    Pet Name: Kaliee

    You recently "fixed" my dog Kailee after she went through a window. But the biggest treat was that when I picked her up, someone there had put a little cake on her bandage because it was my birthday. That just meant the world to me!

  • Thank you VCA

    -Allison from Scottsdale, AZ
    Pet Name: Gigi

    The first time we were referred to VCA was when our 10 year old Standard Poodle, Gigi, was recovering from major abdominal surgery after her 6 lb tumor and spleen were removed. The care we received at VCA was top notch, and she pulled through just fine.

    Two months later, Gigi suffered bloat. It was late at night and I called VCA, gave them the symptoms, and they asked me to bring her in as quickly as I could. As I walked her in the door they were literally taking her from me and hooking her up to an i.v. in a matter of seconds! And when I left Gigi in their care, it was with a tentative and tearful goodbye because I wasn't sure if I'd see her the next morning. VCA pulled her through, called us regularly with updates, and Gigi is not only doing better, but seems to know that she's had a new lease on life not once, but twice this year!

    Thank you, VCA, for your caring staff and your top-notch doctors. The care is excellent, bar none.

  • True Kindness

    -susan from scottsdale, AZ

    It was unfortunate that a cat darted out in front of my daughter's car. She was a wreck when I got the call! When we had determined that the cat had passed, we contacted the City's emergency services only to b told they don't work on weekends. After contacting several animal hospitals, this one was willing to make an exception to help us! After we took the cat there to be cremated, they gave us an angel pin for our daughter. Thank you for truly caring about animals!!


    -Clooney's Mom from Fountain Hills, AZ
    Pet Name: Clooney

    My Baby of 11 years woke me at 1 am in the morning on April 1st having difficulty breathing. I knew I could not wait until 7:30 am when my local Vet would open and called VCA Paradise Emergency first. I had been there before a few years back when a baby duckling was abandoned by it's mother after being picked up by human hands. Without hesitation, they took it in in and cared for it. This stuck with me and prompted me to call them first without hesitation. They instructed me to bring my baby in, so I did. I arrived within a 1/2 hour based on living in Fountain Hills. They met me at the door and immediately took my boy into the back. They came out about 30 seconds later and asked me if I wanted them to resuscitate him and said it wasn't looking good? I was in shock. I informed them "yes" and broke down. They came out shortly after out and informed me he did not make it after trying to resuscitate him. I lost it. My boy had been with me for 10 years with his birthday approaching on May 25th. I was in shock and haven't cried this hard since the loss of my fiancé. My boy had passed away of congenital heart failure just like my fiancé. Crazy right? With my family in Connecticut, I was so very fortunate to have been with the most compassionate people. I stayed with him for over an hour and just held him in his bed. They told me I could stay as long as I wanted and consoled me the entire time. I could truly tell they were sincerely sorry for my loss and could feel my pain. After a while, they very delicately explained the cremation process to me. After informing them I wanted to do this, they moved forward in setting this up. They also allowed my boy to remain in his bed with his blanket until he would be picked up that morning. There are no words to describe how wonderful this people were, and out of something so horrible, I could not have been in a better place with the most compassionate and caring people. My boy was cremated the very next day on April 2nd. They called me that Friday and I picked him up. In addition, they made me a molding of his paw, gave me a dog pin with angels and a halo on it that I can wear to show the love for him and a copy of the "Rainbow Bridge". It wasn't until I brought him home that I felt s sense of relief as he was home where he belonged. I have already told a number of people in town that have pets of their own; as to how well my boy and I were treated. I will continue to spread the word. Those of us who have pets see our babies as a family member's, not just an animal with four legs. I will continue to grieve for my boy but have a sense of peace knowing he was in the best of hands when he crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge". I asked God if it was his time, if he could take him fast and without suffering. He answered my prayers as he always does.

  • The Best Ever

    -Peggy Willoby from SCOTTSDALE, AZ
    Pet Name: Rusty

    Pet Image It's hard for me to put into words how grateful we are to Dr. Gloriana Halterman. We brought our 20yr old cat "Rusty" here knowing that we might have to say goodbye since he was very ill. She spent so much time with us explaining what would happen if we put him down, what our options were and helped us make the right decision even when they were so busy. Gloriana is the most compassionate and caring vet I have ever met and made this most difficult time bearable because she truly cared. She performed the procedure perfectly, our Rusty went to Heaven in peace. Thank you Gloriana and know that you are so appreciated and the best at what you do. I only wish that you were a full time vet at a facility other than just the emergency hospital.

  • Grateful

    -Montasir from Paradise Valley, AZ
    Pet Name: Huff Huff

    To Dr. Halterman and your amazing staff,
    Your care of our sweet dog Huff Huff after the coyote attack is something I can never say thank you to enough. She is healing and back to her mostly spunky self.
    Frankie, our hero, is also doing well.
    Your team and you Dr. Halterman walk with the angels in the work you do.
    One day I will call and when you least expect it I will bring Frankie and Huff in to see you. Then you can see the gifts your wonderful work returned to our family.
    Take care of yourselves at all times.
    Fran Montasir

  • Thank You

    -Toney from Phoenix, AZ
    Pet Name: Lobo

    I cannot thank you enough for your caring support this morning. Lobo is doing so much better. he has made an unbelievable turn around. You truly saved his life and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Thank you for being there

    -Sari from Fountain Hills, AZ
    Pet Name: Tiki

    I came home from a night out to find my beloved dog ill and clearly in distress. I called your hospital immediately to find out what to do. Over the course of the next hour I spoke to your staff several times on the phone and you all were there to comfort and counsel me while my dog was dying. When we were finally able to get him to you after he passed away, you handled it all with great skill and kindness. When I came to pick up his ashes the other day, you had his paw print for me to give to my son. I can't thank you enough for the professionalism and caring your hospital showed us during a very distressing time in our lives. Thank you so very much.

  • Warmest Regards

    -Jay from Phoenix, AZ
    Pet Name: Cole

    Dear doctors and staff,
    Thank you so much for the emergent care you gave my beloved dog Cole. Although his visit ended in sadness I know you each made his last hours as comfortable as possible. The kindness and shared emotional grief really helped me and my family through this difficult and unexpected process. The sympathy card from Dr. Baker was a very thoughtful gesture. Cole is very missed and always loved. Thank you again for the care you provided him.
    Warmest regards.

  • Thanks and Gratitude

    -Axtell from Scottsdale, AZ
    Pet Name: Biffy

    To Dr. Halterman and Staff,

    With our deepest thanks and gratitude for your caring words and support during our crisis with our beloved little furry friend Biffy.

    Sadly, our dearest, most wonderful and faithful little doggie friend, our little Lhasa-Apso Biffy, was tragically taken in November. She gave us so much love, joy and friendship for over 15 years, or some 105 doggie years, and was part of the family in everything we did. She was indeed our little girl and daughter and we miss her terribly, yet with hopes of adopting another rescue doggie in due course.

    Dick and Faye Axtell


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