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  • Thank you Dr. Haraway

    -Bruce from Tigard, OR
    Pet Name: Belle

    Pet Image I wanted to thank Dr. Amy Haraway for her professionalism. It was such a relief to get a clear picture of Belle’s true condition. Concise, specific, and gently unflinching. This was an example of a moment when professional detachment is critical to the well being of the patient and the family who love her. Bad news like the death of a cherished pet is never fun. Before the referral to Northwest Veterinary Specialists �" and our conversation with you, we were very unclear if it would be better to relegate our Belle to surgery and aggressive chemo therapy, or not. That was after examinations, a consultation with two different veterinary professionals.

    We knew clearly what we were ok with, and what we were not ok with in our own minds. In that stressful situation it is very hard to not hear what you want to hear. Most people want to hear “it will be OK”. Thank you again for gently getting us full circle to the place where the decision, though painful, was very clear and simple to make.

    Grand parents, parents, 10 and 7 year old all had a good evening and chance to say good by. Belle had a good walk, lots of hugs, and bacon and eggs for breakfast. She wagged her tail and had a play face on to the very last moment.

    It can’t be easy for you. You have our thanks, and will be in my prayers.

    Bruce & Barbara Butler
    Laurel Ehlers & Lewis Sandbeck
    Aiden and Avery Ehlers
    Karma and Numi �" Belle’s cats

  • Gratitude

    -Della Castleman from WEST LINN, OR
    Pet Name: Kona

    I can't thank this lovely staff enough! After the 9-week old Pug we were babysitting accidentally swallowed another dogs antibiotic, we quickly rushed her to VCA in Clackamas. Everyone at this clinic beginning with the front desk were extremely professional and thorough. The doctor was calming and reassuring and made certain our little one would be just fine...which after 48 hrs. I can attest she is! To all the staff, we are so grateful!

  • Cosmo's birthday

    -Lisa Jordan from Portland, OR
    Pet Name: Cosmo

    Cosmo had spinal surgery in fall 2013, and we were not entirely sure he was going to make it. Today we are celebrating his 12th birthday, all thanks to Dr. Kroll and his talented team (special shout out to Sonja!). We are so thankful for the extra time we have had with Cosmo. Even though he is a notorious urinator and beer thief, he is the happiest pug and brings us such joy. Dr. Kroll tapped into that and saved our boy. We will always be grateful to Dr. Kroll for his amazing expertise and loving way in the world. All best & many thanks from Lisa Jordan & Judy George

  • Deweydog

    -Dave Fulton and Suzan Dziennis from Cornelius, OR
    Pet Name: Deweydog

    It has been two years now since Dr. Kroll and his staff met Deweydog. He had been in extreme pain for several days with a tight abdomen and hunched back. An M.R.I determined that Dewey had a mass (highly likely to be cancer) under and along his spine. Dr. Kroll called me in the afternoon to give me the news. Weighing the options and the dangers for Dewey to have surgery and the possibility that the mass was cancerous was terrifying for me and my wife. Radiation would follow for treatment for Dewey, if it was cancer and if he survived the surgery. I took my wife's advice and decided to go through with the surgery. The next day the mass was removed. Biopsy would later confirm that the mass was not cancerous. A week later and with 24 staples across his back, Dewey came home. We got our buddy back. Deweydog today is thriving! He hunts, he swims, he digs. The happiest most spoiled dog ever. We just wanted to give our wholehearted thanks to Dr. Kroll and his staff. You guys are the best.

  • Thank you for Neurosurgeon Veterinarians

    -Carol Gentry from Portland, OR
    Pet Name: Ishta

    New Years Eve 2012 will live with us for a long time, I came home and Ishtah jumped off the couch and immediately could not move and was in a lot of pain, I knew the nightmare of the daschund back had just hit home. We went to our vet North Portland Vet Hospital and they contacted Dr. Prouty we took Ishtah straight there and they were amazing, she gave us hope where there had been none, and he was in surgery by 4 p.m. It is now 10 weeks later and we just came back from a walk around the block, he does not get to jump any more and stairs are out but he is very active and gets stronger every day. We will always have a special place in our hearts for the amazing work that Dr. Prouty and her team did to save our little guy and help him walk again. Carol and Graham and Ishta (also Diva, Misa and Callie)

  • awesome care

    -Bill Downing from north bend, OR
    Pet Name: Bruno

    Pet Image On January 4,2011, I brought my Police K9 "Bruno" to Northwest Veterinary Specialist. With the unknown and hurt that he and I were feeling the staff at the hospital were hands down second to none. The comfort and care they showed us both was amazing. They took "Bruno" immediately did an MRI and was ready to perform the emergency surgery immediately. Dr Kroll was absolutely amazing. He and his staff did a wonderful job. Bruno is getting the use of his back legs again and if it wasn't for them and their diagnosis, plus quick reaction time he may have been permanently paralyzed. Again Thank You to Dr Kroll and the staff "Bruno" and Bill Downing

  • Save the day

    -Molly from Milwaukie, OR
    Pet Name: Kimber and Whiskey

    We are so thankful to VCA. They saved our two dogs after our house fire in June 2010. We have two wonderful dogs that were in our house the day of the fire. Kimber, our lab mix, and Whiskey, our golden retriever. When the Clackamas County Fire District #1 called VCA to let them know that there were two dogs injured in an house fire, the doctors on duty that day got in their personal vehicles, came over got our dogs and to them back to their facility so they could attend to them with the equipment they needed. Everyday for two weeks they called me to give updates on our dogs daily and I could call them at anytime to check on them. I believe that without VCA our dogs probably would have not made it and I am very grateful for what they did for our four-legged children.


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