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  • Dr. Palamara is a superhero

    -Hope from Mahopac, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Lily

    I had an unusual circumstance that was handled as if it were totally normal! I have cancer and was unable to accompany my beloved Lily to her most challenging appointments yet. My son, Lily's second best friend, took her. Lily is so much more than my pet, so much more than my best friend: she is my soul mate and she literally saved my life this past year. So, you can imagine how difficult this was for both Lily and me. Lily had an ominous tumor that needed to be removed; which was not so easily done since she has a progressed heart condition. Dr. Palamara is a superhero! He came up with a plan of action that accommodated Lily's challenges while treating my son with care and compassion and Lily with the gentle, loving hand she's used to: and THEN he called ME and spent another 45 minutes thoroughly and warmly explaining every detail of Lily's case and bill to me. Dr PalamarA did this with Lily's pre surgery appointment, her Surgery, and her follow up appointment. Plus, Lily's surgery was a complete success, despite all the reasons it could've gone wrong. The rest of the staff was equally empathetic when I called every 60 minutes on the day of her surgery. That's like 10 calls!!! And each time they were happy to hear from me. Lily is healing beautifully, and -I'm HAPPY to say- cancer-FREE! I think it speaks volumes that she gets EXCITED to go to the vet now. We both know she'll always be treated like she's with family there. The best, smartest, most capable family.

  • Your kindness and compassion greatly appreciated

    -Michelle from Mr. Kisco, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Murphy

    Our first ER visit we were expecting a long wait and to be told Murphy had Lyme again. It turned out to be much more serious. The staff was amazing. They kept us informed of his condition, our options and answered all our questions. Murphy stayed over night and was well cared for. We picked him up the next day not knowing how long we would have him, but you gave us 3 wonderful weeks to love him and spoil him. The second trip to the ER was to put him at peace. Your kindness and compassion was immense and greatly appreciated. Despite the fact that we lost our beloved boy - it could not have been a better experience. Thank you.

    I wish I could remember the names of everyone involved during our ordeal but we were so distraught we didn't pay attention to that. Every single person involved was amazing. It seems like a vocation to everyone there - not a job. You all clearly care for every animal you touch and it really put me at ease knowing Murphy would be so taken care of. Again, thank you for your kindness and compassion during this time.

  • Dr. Buelow and her staff were outstanding

    -Barbara from Holmes, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Nyla

    Dr. Buelow and her staff were outstanding -- very professional, informative and accommodating to my dog Nyla's special needs. I would definitely like to compliment Dr. Buelow and her staff for their professionalism and accommodation of my dog Nyla's special needs. I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues.

  • Doctors,Technicians,and entire facility exceptional

    -Janet from Pound Ridge, NY
    Pet Name: Cat Pip

    Everyone with whom I had contact was wonderful and very professional, pleasant and polite, listened well, explained things well, did not rush any matter. I never had any qualms about leaving Pip in your hands for surgery, and now he is recovering satisfactorily. Drs. Tracy, Palamara, Steinberg, and assorted technicians whose names I do not know were all exceptional. Your entire facility is exceptional.

  • Entire medical, support, admin staff are amazing

    -Patricia from Mt. Kisco, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Lizzy

    To put it succinctly, given Lizzy's emergency situation, I don't know what we would have done without the help of Dr. Porter, Dr. Steinberg, Donna and the entire staff. It was not only their excellent professional care and advice, but their compassion accompanied with the strength that allowed us to have strength during this terribly sad time. Dr. Porter is the most amazing veterinarian I have ever encountered -- in 60 years of having dogs. He explains everything, answers questions, shows great compassion and love for his patients -- and is accessible, an extraordinary feat given the enormity of his job. He has helped us through a horrible time and has given us the latitude to make decisions with his expert advice as our guide. Donna is another extraordinary employee. She has the gift of showing compassion while giving the family the courage to keep going on amidst terrible sadness. I had a brief interaction w/ Dr. Steinberg, and I could tell that he was of equal caliber. In short, the entire medical staff, medical support personnel and administrative staff are amazing.

  • Can't say enough good things

    -Diane from Mahopac, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Lexi

    It was a very positive experience. The place was immaculate. The staff friendly. The doctors patiently explained what they thought was the best course of action for my dog. I received follow up phone calls which was appreciated. Can't say enough good things! Dr. Steinberg was wonderful.

  • Our experience was outstanding

    -Debra and Michael from Greenwich, CT
    Pet Name: Dog Emily

    Our experience was outstanding.....Dr. Cistola was extremely compassionate regarding the options to help our Sheltie who was suffering from renal failure. She understood our emotional conundrum and offered as many options try to help prolong our girl's life. In the end, nothing would work and we chose to "set her free." We could not have made this decision without the ultrasound and exam at your facility. Undoubtedly a most difficult decision, the facts and information from Dr. Cistola allowed us to do the right thing without doubt in our mind and heart.

  • Everyone was wonderful

    -Susan from Croton on Hudson, NY
    Pet Name: Dog

    Everyone was wonderful. Extremely compassionate. The people who answered my phone calls were polite and helpful, the people who transported my dog on the gurney were kind and gentle, the technicians were also kind and answered my questions, and the two doctors we saw were amazing. Drs Kriskey and Lebars--thank you so much for taking care of Rosie and for helping me in this difficult time. We don't know the end of the story yet, but you helped make this emotional time less painful.

  • Dr. Buelow most caring and compassionate vet

    -carolyn from Mamaroneck, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Roxy

    Dr. Buelow was the most caring and compassionate veterinarian I have ever encountered through the years with multiple pets. She basically saved my dog's life by noticing an irregular heartbeat and sending me straight to a cardiologist. If I had gone anywhere else, Roxy would not have made it. Words will never be able to express how thankful my family and I are.

  • Experience from checkin tocheckout was outstanding

    -Phyllis from Scarsdale, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Hudson

    Nothing could have been done better.. My experience from check in to check out was outstanding. I am always very grateful for Dr. Gill's professionalism, kindness, understanding, patience, and how she relates to both me during this most difficult time. Today I saw Elaine who was very thorough in her questions about Hudson and also established a nice relationship with him, greeting him with kindness and warmth. I would also like to say that I will miss Connie as she is definitely a asset to your staff. Her cheerful attitude, knowledge, professionalism, and competence have made my visits less anxiety provoking. Lastly, I would like to compliment Jen for all the knowledge, kindness and friendliness she shows every time Hudson and I see her.


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