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  • The entire staff was amazing

    -Jeanne-Marie from Hawthorne, NY
    Pet Name: Cat Figaro

    I couldn't ask for better care for my Figaro. The entire staff was amazing! And I thank each and every one of you for everything you did for our family. Such a caring and wonderful facility. Figaro was in the best hands. XO

  • KBVC has been a lifesaver for us and Sam

    -Lisa Kris and Katie from Briarcliff Manor, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Sam

    KBVC has been a lifesaver for us and literally for Sam. They have cared for him during several emergency situations and we know have saved his life. The doctors and staff are so caring and concerned. They always keep us very well informed during extended hospital stays and they have our complete trust. The only non positive comment we can think of is that is does get a little pricey. The staff at KBVC is like Sam's second family, they see him coming and everyone gets excited, including him. Sam is never afraid or nervous when he has to come to KBVC, he truly gets excited anticipating all the attention he is going to receive. The girls at the front desk could not be nicer or more professional, all of them, and not to single anyone out because they are equally fabulous, but we have dealt the most with Mary, Karen and Janice and they are truly outstanding representatives for this practice. The doctors and vet techs are also wonderful, too many to name them all, but they are skilled, caring and compassionate. I wish the doctor world for humans could be as great at KBVC.

  • Very grateful to Dr. Porter and the staff

    -Carolyn from Brewster, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Roxy

    My husband brought Roxy our 10 month old lab mix in because she developed a sudden weakness in her back paws and wasn't able to walk. We were really terrified. The bloodwork showed very low potassium. Dr. Porter took excellent care of Roxy. It turned out that it is likely that Roxy had gotten ahold of a small canister of albuterol which caused the drop in potassium and rapid heart rate and weakness. Following emergency treatment and overnight treatment and monitoring, Roxy was up and about by the next day and she had her appetite back. She is doing great now and has no ill effects from this frightening incident. We are very grateful to Dr. Porter and the staff at Katonah.

  • Everybody was awesome

    -Tery from Brewster, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Harley

    Harley had been diagnosed with cancer and we scheduled an operation through Dr. Gill with Drs. Steinberg and Palamara but he became very sick prior to. He was admitted, given antibiotics and had his surgery a day early. There are so many people that helped Harley and they were all wonderful!! Especially Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Palamara for their surgical expertise, I think the technician's name was Melinda - she was great at discharge with explaining after surgery meds, etc. Everybody was awesome! We realize that whatever time we have left with Harley is a blessing and possible because of your facility. Thank you.

  • Thank you to everybody

    -Stefanie from Vails Gate, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Brandi

    Aside from the reason for us having to bring Brandi (we just found out she has cancer and is currently undergoing chemo) the overall experience is a good one. The facility is clean, the front desk staff is friendly and the surgeon Dr. Ezra was incredible! Great bedside manner...very friendly and compassionate...we loved him! Brandi's first chemo appointment went smoothly and it was a relatively quick in and out procedure. We drive from an hour away so that is wonderful for us. Thank you to everybody! Jeanette is truly wonderful....always so friendly and sweet AND again Dr. Ezra who did Brandi's surgery was fantastic!

  • Your staff and hospital saved our dog's life

    -Len from Putnam Valley, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Carrie

    Your staff and hospital have saved our dogs life and gave her s chance to live out the balance of her life with quality. She is again behaving like a puppy. To see her now you would never know that she is fighting cancer. Hats off to Dr. Porter for not giving up and to Dr. Gill for her expertise in treating Carrie's cancer. Also to all of the staff who are so caring and concerned for Carries health. i also had the pleasure to meet Lesa Cash who is an absolutely wonderful person. We are so glad that we will refer to your hospital. Keep up the good work. Everyday we spend with Carrie is a blessing.

  • My experience was an excellent one

    -Camille from Patterson, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Barney

    My experience was an excellent one! I brought my dog in very sick, not eating or drinking for days, and in about 30 minutes I had a diagnosis. Within a few hours, I was able to bring him home! Dr. DeLucia was professional and extremely knowledgeable! I can't thank you enough for finding what was wrong, and getting my baby well so quickly!

  • Forever grateful to this wonderful doctor

    -Suzanne from South Salem, NY
    Pet Name: My Dog

    I brought my dog in, immediately she was taken to see a doctor. The doctor and staff were quick in treating and keeping me informed about what was happening to my pet. She was compassionate and empathetic, yet professional. My dog, passed away. The doctor and staff were incredibly understanding and made the unexpected stressful tragedy experience as tolerable as humanly possible. Dr Wagner. It has been a week since my dog passed and I had requested to speak to the dr regarding what might have been the cause of my dog's death. She telephoned me and explained what happened; as I didn't fully understand while grief stricken the day it happened. She was professional, compassionate & empathetic and there are no words to describe the time and patience she had with me on the phone to discuss the medical condition and how she treated my dog during the ER visit. I am forever grateful to this wonderful doctor and continue to have confidence in my decision to bring my beloved pet there. I feel my dog was in the proper hands of this skilled doctor and the attending staff, that helped.

  • Dr. Steinberg goes above and beyond

    -Caroline from Patterson, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Shea

    All of the staff at Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center are exceptional. Every person I encountered during my visit was pleasant, helpful and resourceful. My dog is 90+ lbs. so I asked if someone might be able to help me lift him in the car. Dr. Steinberg himself came outside and put Shea in the car for me. That's service!Dr. Steinberg goes above and beyond what is expected from a surgeon. Our dog is one of our children. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Steinberg went over the surgery in detail and covered any exceptions that could occur during the operation. He didn't treat us as just a number...made us feel that Shea would be looked after by everyone at the facility and cared for as if he were their own pet.

  • Staff are wonderful, competent, friendly and kind

    -Polly from Lincolndale, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Ballantine

    we had a hard decision to make. we were given very complete information to help us decide. we were also given some privacy so that we could discuss our feelings. Ultimately we chose to do the surgery which was absolutely the right choice. The staff there are wonderful,competent, friendly and kind. thank you. All 3 Drs were great. But dr Stenberg and Dr Palamara made me feel very calm and reassured.


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Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center is a fully-equipped 24/7/365 emergency hospital serving pets and their people in Westchester County and surrounding areas, including Putnam, Dutchess and Fairfield counties. If you suspect your pet is having a medical crisis, our experienced team of veterinarians, technicians and assistants are here to assist you.

Our Emergency and Critical Care units can assist in all of the following situations requiring immediate medical attention: Auto accidents, traumatic injuries (fractures, bites, burns, lacerations, wounds), respiratory emergencies (choking, difficulty breathing), vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty urinating/defecating, shock, loss of consciousness, dizziness, staggering, tremors, seizures, paralysis, toxic reactions, poison ingestion, labor and delivery problems, blood in urine or feces, swollen, hard, painful abdomen, heatstroke.