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  • Everything about KBVC is top notch

    -Gisela from North Salem, NY
    Pet Name: Dog

    Everything about KBVC is top notch: from the receptionists, the assistants, the caretakers to the oh so knowledgeable doctors. It should also be mentioned that your facility is spotless at all times and does not at all have the odor of a typical animal hospital. Hats off for that as well. There is nothing you need to change to make it better. Your entire team is well placed representing KBVC with smiles, all around courtesy and compassionate doctors.

  • Couldnt ask for anything more in a veterinarian

    -Heather from Yorktown Heights, NY
    Pet Name: Finneas

    I trust Dr. Cistola implicitly with Finneas' care. He has a chronic medical condition that requires lots of visits and medication tweaks. He has been her patient for a little over a year now and it has been a real pleasure to work with her. Dr. Cistola is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. She even gets in touch with us on her days off to relay test results and next steps. Couldn't ask for anything more in a veterinarian. The IM technicians and the reception staff are all wonderful as well. We always have a very good experience all around when we visit.

  • They saved my dogs life-very caring professional

    -Lydia from Holmes, NY
    Pet Name: Angelica

    It is great to know your hospital is there in case of an emergency. They saved my dogs life. Dr Steinberg was very caring and professional, he kept me informed on my dogs condition. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate all he did for Angelica.

  • The experience was outstanding.

    -William from Meriden, CT
    Pet Name: Dog

    The experience was outstanding. It was apparent Dr Bergman was very knowledgeable and an expert in his field. His real skill was to explain the situation and treatment in terms that were easy for the layman to understand. It was instrumental in helping us make our decision. He was also sincerely compassionate and caring about our pet. He took all the time necessary and we did not feel rushed or pressured in any way.

    We were impressed with everyone we came in contact with. The receptionist, technician and cashier were all very professional and seemed very focused on helping us.


    -Barb Urquhart from Elmwood Place, NJ
    Pet Name: Tucker

    Pet Image There are some things you think you know about yourself, like the decisions you will make in a given situation....but when that situation actually comes, your resolve may not always be so absolute… Such was my belief that if one of my dogs was ever diagnosed with cancer that I would not prolong their disease, but would rather let life take its course..... However when the diagnosis came, I looked at my baby girl, still so vibrant and alive, and it became my mission to sustain her existence for as long as her spirit remained undaunted and she remained inspired to survive.

    The key to embarking on such a journey against cancer relies heavily upon finding the right veterinary oncologist to guard and guide you through the difficult challenges ahead. Tucker and I were very fortunate, by chance we heard about an oncologist who was pioneering research into Tucker's form of cancer, mast cell carcinoma (among others). The hour long commute didn't matter, we immediately went to meet this man and from day one we knew that he would be our guardian and guide. His name is Dr. Philip Bergman and he is the chief medical officer at Katonah Bedford Veterinary Clinic in Bedford Hills, NY.

    The first two years of Tucker’s cancer were “easy”, just regular checkups and monitoring of every lump and bump that an old lab develops naturally, but then the cancer metastasized in 2010.... Dr B was ready and laid out a plan of IV chemo followed by Palladia.... He patiently guided me through all the stigmas I had in my mind about chemotherapy and assured me that Tucker would handle it well; he was right, it didn’t even faze her and she quickly went into remission.

    The Palladia was effective for a few months, but then the cancer came of remission. Again Dr B was ready with a plan, this time an experimental drug known as Masitinib (later to be approved by the FDA and known as Kinavet). Kinavet worked well, but had some other medical side effects. Initially we “followed the pharmaceutical book”, but that didn’t work well for Tucker and she came out of remission again. So Dr B came up with a plan to get her back into remission and then balance the side effects of her medication with her battle against the cancer so she would stay in remission. I cannot say definitively that other oncologists might not also have tailored treatment so carefully, but in my heart I doubt it, and I believe Dr B’s treatment plan is why Tucker has now surpassed all life expectancies of any of the drugs she has been on and is still with me today.

    Life was not done with its challenges for us however, and unrelated to her cancer, Tucker developed laryngeal paralysis and needed surgery to save her life. The surgery was also not without ill fortune as she developed aspiration pneumonia while coming out of anesthesia. I will never forget those weeks of sitting vigil in the waiting room at KBVC while Tucker's life hung in the balance. Fortunately she was blessed with an incredible team of internal medicine and alternative medicine doctors at KBVC who also committed themselves to beating the odds and bringing Tucker back from the edge.

    Dr B had to wait with me on the sidelines for this battle, but I will never forget the support and compassion he offered me during those difficult days or the tears that welled up in his eyes when he acknowledged that Tucker's odds for survival were not good. But she is my Wonderpup, and she did survive due to a determination and will that most of us will never even witness let alone be able to comprehend.

    Yet so it was that there would be another cruel twist, when after surviving the pneumonia Tucker would again find herself facing her cancer coming out of remission.... These became the darkest of all days for me and again Dr B was her hero and went above and beyond to sustain both my spirit and her battle. It can be called nothing less than a miracle the Dr B found a way to bring her back from her most harrowing edge and got her into her 4th remission (or at least suppression).... It truly is a miracle quite literally for the record books.

    Because of this miracle and the strength and support Dr B gave me to endure this difficult time without giving up on my girl, I was granted the joy of celebrating Tucker's 13th birthday with her this past June, an event no one would have ever predicted being possible just a few months earlier. For this special day I will be forever grateful to Dr B, as will Tucker because she got to enjoy a filet mignon birthday cake!

    Today we are once again in a battle... Tucker's cancer remains vigilant and has again brought her out of remission.... At this point we are off the charts, having exceeded all normal life expectancies and the normal results with remissions, we are sailing in uncharted waters and making history as we go. It is a scary journey, but I know from the last 4 years’ experience that there is no one I would rather trust our journey with than Dr. Philip J. Bergman and his team at KBVC.

    For the moment, under Dr B's treatment plan we are winning the war... I know this may be short lived, but I am grateful for each day of life that we are stealing from the grips of cancer.

    The past few years have given me the opportunity to appreciate Dr Bergman not only for his excellence in the field of veterinary oncology, but also for his commitment and compassion as a human being. He has been there for us 24/7 for the past four years, and I know he will be there for us in the reality of the final few moments of Tucker's incredible journey.

    There are no words that can adequately convey the depths of my respect, appreciation, and gratitude to this man, or the unquestionable confidence and commitment I feel in recommending him to anyone who is facing cancer with their pet. Each outcome will vary, but nothing will be more comforting than facing your battle with the expertise and support of Dr. Bergman and his incredible team at KBVC.

    With love and gratitude,

    Barb Urquhart, and of course, Tucker the Wonderpup

  • Dr.Schmidt isa wonderful veterinaryOphthalmologist

    -Carol from Middlebury, CT
    Pet Name: Dog Zaki

    Zaki's was at Katonah-Bedford for a recheck. He has neurogenic dry eye, diagnosed in Oct. 2015, and in the course of a previous recheck, Dr. Schmidt detected hemorrhages at the back of each eye, which in turn, after thorough testing, led to a question of Cushing's. Dr. Schmidt thoroughly discussed treatment options with me, taking the time to alleviate my anxieties concerning potential adverse impact on the quality of life of my 12 1/2 Zaki. I truly appreciate her care and expertise. I also appreciate that she was able to see us when we arrived early. Dr. Schmidt is a warm and caring woman in addition to being a wonderful veterinary ophthalmologist. She is thorough, ready to consult with her colleagues, and willing to set up a comprehensive long range plan for Zaki, and to explain it and its ramifications to me. There is none of the 'oh you can't understand because you are just a lay person.' I cannot express how grateful I am for that. She is the reason that I continue to drive 100 miles, round trip, to your hospital. She is truly a gem.

  • Wonderful Doctor and Staff

    -Alicen from Mahopac, NY
    Pet Name: Oscar

    We came in as an emergency on a Saturday morning. Dr. Wagner was wonderful. She was never rushed and answered all of my crazy dog mom questions. The tech was great as well. I wish I could remember her name. Oscar was treated with kindness and I had 2 staff members tell me what a good boy he is which was very nice to hear. Dr. Wagner and the staff were very reassuring and made sure that we knew we could call at any time with questions or concerns.

  • We had a great experience

    -Maureen from Mahopac, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Sammi

    We had a great experience the three times that we have had to bring Sammi in. Thank you for being opened even on New Years Eve and New years Day. It is very important to me to have a facility that is clean and caring. Sammi was taken very good care of at your facility. The girls at the front desk. I am sorry I do not know their names. But they were very nice and helpful when I called on New Years Eve to get there address and they wanted to know how long to expect Sammi to get there. They seemed concerned so they would be ready for her. Sammi is doing much better now and if it wasn't for Katonah Bedford Veterinary center we don't know what would have happened to her eye.

  • Thank you

    -Tommy and Laura Hirsch from Putnam Valley, NY
    Pet Name: Helmut

    Thank you KBVC, Dr. Geisler, Dr. Rigoli and the rest of the staff. We knew immediately when we brought our 13 year old dog Helmut in that he would get the best care possible. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way we or you had planned. We just wanted you to know that we know that you did all you could. Your compassion was so greatly appreciated as we dealt with his passing. Thank you again for all you did for Helmut. Tommy, Laura & our Boys

  • Our pets received the best care possible

    -Anne Marie from Stamford, CT
    Pet Name: Dogs Jack,Axl,Becky,Lily,Cats Titus,Frankie,Danny

    I have nothing but good things to say about our family's experience with the entire team at KBVC throughout the 10+ years we have used their facility. Our pets have been treated by veterinarians and techs from general practice, emergency dept.,ophthalmology, dental surgery, internal medicine, and surgical. We have no doubt that our pets received the best care possible. Recommended tests and procedures were thoroughly explained, sometimes more than once, with the utmost respect for us and our pets.


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