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  • Greeley

    -Sue from Morrison, IL
    Pet Name: Greeley

    After treating an eye ulcer for eight weeks with our reg vet and no improvement we took our Boston Terrior to VCA animal hospital and saw Dr Garcia. He had surgery the same day and was able to go home later that night. We were so impressed with the level of professionalism and caring with Dr Garcia and his staff. I only wish we had gone there sooner. I would not hesitate to go again and have told many of our friends and family of our experience. Needless to say Greeley is back to his old self and we couldn't be happier. Thank you all again for the great care.

  • Great

    -Dustin C. from Plainfield, IL
    Pet Name: Champ

    Pet Image We took our Boxer, Champ, in to see Dr. Garcia for an indolent eye ulcer that was not healing after several weeks using prescribed medication from our regular veterinarian. Dr. Garcia quickly identified the two issues, which ended up being an indolent ulcer and growth on Champ's eyelid that needed to be removed. Dr. Garcia was very kind and understanding, and he provided a wealth of information and knowledge explaining the problem. Dr. Garcia and his assistants made me feel very at ease with what procedures needed to be done. They were very patient and gentle when dealing with Champ. Dr. Garcia provided me with a few options, which ended up being a bit easier on the wallet. Dr. Garcia was able to complete both procedures in short order, and Champ was released later that day. After only a week and a half, Champ's indolent ulcer was fully healed. Aside from his large plastic cone, the entire incident was much easier than anticipated. Champ and I are both very happy the entire issue is finally resolved with Dr. Garcia and his staff's help. I would recommend this location and Dr. Garcia to anyone that needed to see an ophthalmologist for any reason. Champ and I thank you for everything, VCA and Dr. Garcia!

  • Charly's story

    -Karen Jahr from Big Rock, IL
    Pet Name: Charly

    Pet Image I cannot say enough good things about VCA Aurora Animal Hospital. They are our heroes! I think everyone should take their pets there. Here is our story . . . We have gone to VCA Aurora Animal Hospital for 10+ years. We’ve always received wonderful care for our female Weimaraner �" Charly. She’s 11 years old. She has had her share of health issues over the years. She had 2 mast cell tumors that were removed by Dr. Priebe. Thankfully she recovered completely. Dr. Priebe is her general practice vet & I cannot say enough about her. She is such a wonderful vet who truly cares about Charly. This past October was even tougher for our girl Charly. My husb& & I came home from work on a Monday night & Charly couldn’t walk. Her back legs weren’t working. We called VCA to see if we could get in to see Dr. Priebe. They said she had an opening at 5:30 pm. We said we’d be there. Before we could leave the house, they were calling to tell us to come now. They had told Dr. Priebe what was going on with Charly & she told them to have us come now. Once we got there we saw Dr. Priebe & she felt it was a neurological problem & she wanted us to see their neurologist - Dr. Mercier. Dr. Mercier was there that night & she did a quick evaluation of Charly & concurred it was neurological. We scheduled a full neurological exam for Charly with Dr. Mercier on Tuesday. She was very nice & told us 5 different things that she felt could be wrong with Charly. We scheduled several tests for Charly on Wednesday. One of those tests was a MRI. That is where they saw Charly had extensive multiple disc ruptures. Dr Mercier recommended we do back surgery that day. It was delayed for a couple hours because Charly needed plasma, which they were able to do at VCA. Charly didn’t go into surgery until 9:30 pm. It was a 4 hour surgery. She didn’t get out of surgery until 1:30 am! We cannot say enough about Dr. Mercier. She made it possible for Charly to walk again. Not to mention all of this was done in 3 days. During all of these tests, they discovered Charly had a tumor on her spleen. They couldn’t tell if it was benign or malignant. The bad part is the tumor was growing & it would eventually burst. Most likely being the end for Charly. So we made the decision to remove Charly’s spleen. However, we had to wait until she was healed from her back surgery. So 4 weeks after her back surgery, we met with Dr. Peacock. He is the surgeon who removed Charly’s spleen. He was so nice & informative. He knew what Charly had already been through & was very comforting to us. He removed her spleen later that day. She had 2 tumors on her spleen. One was the size of a golf ball & the other one was the size of a marble. Dr. Peacock called us 4 days after Charly’s surgery to tell us everything was BENIGN! He seemed almost as happy as us. VCA has so many talented veterinarians that truly care about your pet. I would recommend anyone to take their pets there.

  • Thank you Dr. Priebe

    -Brad and Laura E. from North Aurora, IL
    Pet Name: Belle, India and Fiona

    We know when we go to VCA, we get the best care possible for our pets. From check-in to check-out, we are treated with compassion and care. Shannon and Dr. Priebe take a personal interest in our pets and are very patient when listening to our stories about our trio of cats and answering the questions we have about their care. Our cats can be very challenging for Shannon and Dr. Priebe, but they handle each situation with the professionalism and care that reassure us, we have chosen the best place for the cats' care. We are very grateful for Shannon and Dr. Priebe and the rest of the staff at VCA, they are the best!

  • Willie is a miracle thanks to VCA

    -Karen King from Oswego, IL
    Pet Name: Willie

    My little Willie Arthur is still in the care at VCA as I write this but I have to say that he has had the best care and he should not be alive today. If it weren't for Dr. Tonozzi and her wonderful Techs Willie would not be this far. I was giving up and Dr. Tonozzi said there were a couple more things to try and she was sooo right! I am hoping he comes home in the next couple of days. Thank you to the most wonderful, caring group of professionals for being kind, friendly and most of all loving to my little buddy. Thanks to Charlie, Colleen, Rachel, Alyssa, Dr. M, the ladies at the front desk and if I have missed anyone please know that I truly appreciate all you have done for my little miracle. Willie's most grateful Mom.

  • A Big Thank You

    -Sheryl Brunner from Oswego, IL
    Pet Name: Buckley

    Earlier this summer our Boston Terrier, Buckley injured his eye and our vet recommended we see Dr. Garcia. To our delight, Dr. Garcia gave Buckley the best care and treatment and I am happy to say is back to his normal bouncing self. Our many visits after surgery and recovery were always encouraging and cautionary. Dr. Garcia's expertise and Tara's attentiveness to our devoted companion were what any owner would hope for. I thank all of the staff at this clinic. I watched many pets come in and go and the compassion and care of the doctors and staff is genuine. I would highly recommend this clinic and already have to anyone needing specialized services or emergency care. You will know they love your pet as you do. Thank you again, Sheryl

  • Ophthalmology

    -Vanessa Wagner from Oswego, IL
    Pet Name: Emmett

    I took my 10 year old Weimaraner to see Dr. Garcia for an ulcer on his eye a few months ago. Dr. Garcia is a very compassionate and caring Doctor, and Emmett was soon at ease in his hands. Between the procedure and some meds his eye improved quickly. Now we are working on Emmett's other eye, which will soon be as good as new. Thanks Dr. Garcia!!!

  • Thank you

    -Rebecca Jenczalik from Lake Village, IN
    Pet Name: Bailey

    On July 5 our 1 year old dog named Bailey was struck by a car. After getting her stable we were referred to VCA. Bailey had to have her leg amputated along with a few other wounds. We wanted to let Dr. Tanner, Dr. Abel, Dr. Mac, and if course the entire staff that was there for us and Bailey know what a wonderful job they all did and we are forever grateful. As of today Bailey is doing wonderful and almost completely healed, wouldn't even think that she only has 3 legs. Thank you:)

  • Neurosurgery Success

    -Donald Hubbard from Batavia, IL
    Pet Name: Booda

    We brought our 6 year old Australian Shepherd mix in for evaluation of a severe back injury. MRI revealed three (3) ruptured discs. Dr. Lebowitz conferred with us to provide options and possible consequences of the major surgery needed. She explained that there was a 10-15 percent change that Booda would some of his functions would not return....including urinary and bowel function (I took that to be an 85-90% chance of a full recovery.)

    I admired her frankness and believed in her ability to help Booda.

    Surgery was almost 4 hours....well into the evening.

    Booda was released 5 days later and has now been home for 6 days. Booda has regained full function of his bladder and bowels...and surprisingly is standing and walking on his own today.
    (Not far, and not for long ways...but this is far more progress than I had hoped for.

    THANK YOU to Dr. Lebowitz and the entire staff for all they did to help Booda (and us) through this.

    AMAZING care, phenomenal follow-up !!

  • Excellent care

    -Arleen Braun from Bartlett, IL

    I was referred to VCA by my veterinarian when within months I had to bring my 2 pomeranians and cat for specialty medical where I saw Dr. Medinger and I can't say enough for the wonderful care and follow up for Whisper, Bumper and Toby. The entire staff at VCA were wonderful and genuine in their concern for my pets.


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