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  • Thanks from Bailey

    -Laurie from Bolingbrook, IL
    Pet Name: Bailey

    Pet Image On April 18th, in the midst of the rain and flooding (and only 12 days after being adopted) Bailey was diagnosed at VCA Bolingbrook with an abdominal mass and referred to VCA Aurora for further evaluation. Dr Medinger did the initial evaluation and found that the mass was a very large infection which had to be removed immediately. Dr Peacock did the surgery later that day. Well I'm happy to say that Bailey did very well and was actually able to come home the next day. She has been resting and enjoying being spoiled with boiled turkey and hamburger and a nice blanket on the couch. She also got a brand new toy which she has been cuddling with - when she's not biting the paws to make it squeak!!

    I just want to thank the doctors and staff for taking such good care of Bailey. Because we caught this in time and got it taken care of, I can look forward to many years with this little cutie.

  • Specialist Professional and Compasionate Care

    -Jeff and Cindy from Naperville, IL
    Pet Name: Little Kitty

    Pet Image We want to thank Dr. Abel, Dr. Peacock & Dr. McCullough for caring for our Little Kitty. She was the light of our lives & they provided her with the care she deserved. Each of these doctors inherently understood the urgency of her needs & our needs to fully understand the circumstances, options & care when Little Kitty was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. They answered every question, called back promptly & never made us feel like we were taking too much of their time...they were engaged 100% in the care of Little Kitty. Most human doctors lack their level of concern. We will change our routine veterinary care to VCA Aurora because of our positive experiences with Drs. Abel, Peacock & McCullough. Sadly, we lost Little Kitty October 2012. Check your cats and dogs for breast abnormalities monthly. If we had, we would have had more options for Little Kitty.


    -Robbin Zaffino from Midlothian, IL
    Pet Name: Sadie

    Pet Image After $800.00 we still had no answer as to what was wrong with our 4yr old shep/rot mix. Within 1 1/2hrs of arrival we had answers and a treatment plan in order :O) Arriving home and then filling the many scripts, we found 1 to be way out of our price range.. I called back and the Internal Medicine department went above and beyond to help us find a different med that would not only work the same but was several hundred dollars cheaper... I cried tears of joy knowing we could get the meds and get our Sadie back on the road to recovery. Thank You does not seem like enough.. I would drive the hour plus again and again and again... You're all so wonderful...

  • Professional Compassion GENUINE CUSTOMER SERVICE

    -JJ from Joliet, IL
    Pet Name: Toby

    This clinic offered the best experience in my 20 plus year history as a dog owner. The personal follow up, the staff's demeanor and willingness to help with compassion and true interest are sincerely inspiring. As the owners of 4 rescue dogs, it is refreshing to find a place like this. Every person we came into contact with, from Dr. Terry Medinger to the night time desk staff, ALL were 100%. If you have an internal issue with your dog, I highly recommend Dr. Medinger. Take it from a real dog owner, if specialty care is ever needed for any of our animals in the future, we will be in the car headed for Aurora with absolute certainty.

  • Kudos to the Ophthalmology Department

    -Cindy from Naperville, IL
    Pet Name: Daisy

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Swinger and his staff in the way they cared for Daisy, our 16-yr old poodle. Dr. Swinger went above and beyond the call of duty with the care, concern, expertise, and compassion given to Daisy. I have the utmost confidence in the Ophthalmology Department, and am truly thankful for all they did!

  • I feel purrrfectly back to myself

    -Tinkerbell the Cat from Algonquin, IL
    Pet Name: Tinkerbell

    VCA Aurora saved one of my 9 lives! My mom was referred to VCA by my regular veterinarian because I had a mass in my neck. This mass was so large, it displaced my trachea and partially collapsed my esophagus. I was snoring loudly and lost a bunch of weight because I couldn't swallow my food. VCA tested me from the tips of my ears to tip of my tail to determine what this was and how far reaching it was. This mass turned out to be one of my thyroid glands that was triple in size due to a severe infection. EVERYBODY at VCA did an outstanding job to fix me! Dr. Middleton with Internal Medicine completed my initial examination and orchestrated the entire plan. She was gentle with me and talked me through it. Dr. Soydan with Cardiology ensured I had a healthy enough heart as a Senior Kitizen to go under anesthesia. Dr. Abel performed surgery like a master! Meghan at the front desk organized my multiple appointments. Staff including Cindy and Julie, among others, kept my Mom informed of my progress during surgery, what the next steps were, etc. My mom was a nervous nelly and the folks at VCA helped keep her calm. She almost needed more medicine than I did at times! When I spent the night after surgery, my mom called to check on me and the overnight techs were incredibly professional, helpful and informative. My mom was ALWAYS presented with an estimate before treatment so there were absolutely no surprises with the billing. I have been to VCA Aurora at least 6 times throughout this process and have been treated courteously and respectfully every single time. And finally, the best part of it all--I am doing amazing! I have returned to be being playful, happy, eating properly, batting my soccer ball around, chirping at the birds and telling my mom to give me treats, etc. I am as happy as I have ever been! I do have a bit of a summer haircut from the surgery, but it is growing back quickly! My whiskers off to VCA Aurora. They are top notch and I would go back there in a heartbeat!

  • Great Experience

    -Ben from Aurora, IL
    Pet Name: Maya

    Pet Image My Pit bull got hit by a car last November and I brought her here not knowing whether she would make it or not. I had no previous experience with this facility and I cannot say enough great things about my experience with VCA Aurora. The first 4 days were hoping she would make it. Then was fixing her shattered back leg. Then was trying to stop a horrible staph infection which we are still battling. I have made way too many visits than I would care to make for my sweet girl but every visit I can't express enough how much appreciation for all the great care and service I have received from everyone there. Dr. Able has been truly amazing. You can tell he genuinely cares about his job and the pets he is trying to help. All of the staff that has taken care of her I cant thank enough and I wish I could thank you each in person. I would recommend VCA Aurora to anyone for their pets.

  • Getting bark back

    -Ernie and Gail Brooks from P-Town, IL

    On April 12th, we brought our pyrenees mix dog, Lady to the VCA Aurora Hospital to see what was ailing her. With you running a lot of tests, your diagnosis was pancreatitis. With your help and the help of our Veterinarian, Lady began to heal. She is not out of the woods yet, but doing much better. We want to thank Dr. Medinger and all of the staff at VCA. Thanks again Ernie and Gail Brooks and Lady

  • Thank you VCA and Dr. Mercier

    -Derek from Bolingbrook, IL
    Pet Name: Wrigley

    A few weeks ago, my dog woke up with his back legs paralyzed. I took him immediately to the local vet who painted a very bleak picture. A suggestion was made to take him to VCA Aurora where neurology specialists could provide a better diagnosis - and I was warned that it would be expensive. I rushed him to VCA Aurora and they immediately took great care of him. The initial doctor ran through all scenarios with me, and suggested he immediately be given to neurology and have an MRI/surgery. Many hours later, Dr. Mercier called to let me know he had 3 herniated discs and would require spinal surgery - and there were no guarantees. Recovery process would also be very long and my dog may not be able to walk for a while. After calling to let me know the surgery was a success, I now had to wait for recovery. The next morning, Dr. Mercier called and my dog was WALKING and even went outside to the bathroom. Here we are 3 weeks later and my dog is basically back to normal and full of energy as always. THANK YOU VCA AURORA AND DR. MERCIER FOR SAVING MY DOG'S LIFE and providing such excellent medical care. This is a great hospital with caring and smart people!

  • Best oncology team we could ask for

    -Megan Fanthorpe from Oswego, IL
    Pet Name: Rocky

    Pet Image Our dog Rocky was sadly diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago. Words cannot express how grateful we are for our oncology tech Maureen who has been just amazing. Our dog Rocky loves her and she goes out of her way to address our every concern and truly cares about Rocky. We are also grateful for our oncologist Doctor Koshino. The team has been amazing and walked us through every step of this difficult process. When we didn't think Rocky would make it to the next day and the next appointment wasn't for 3 weeks they found a way to fit us in and take care of Rocky. We continue to be blown away by the care Rocky is given every time we come in for his chemotherapy. We believe dogs truly have a sense for good people and he absolutely loves Maureen and Dr. Koshino as well. We could not say thank you enough to them both. But we have peace of mind having such a wonderful team that we can fully trust with our fur baby Rocky. Thank you for everything! We are thankful for everything you are doing for Rocky and for us!


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