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  • So much gratitude

    -Joyce LoConti from Blauvelt, NY
    Pet Name: Gully

    I commend the Drs. and staff of the Animal Specialty Center. I brought in Gully as a result of my Vet's recommendation. Dr. Joseph and the staff did a complete evaluation. He was honest and realistic about the outcome of surgery. We opted for the surgery and his daily phone updates after rounds, the evening calls from staff were uplifting. Gully is again able to stand and walk. Thank you for giving Gully another chance for at a full life.

  • Thank you, Dr. Joseph and ASC

    -Anne Hentschel from Rye, NY
    Pet Name: Ollie

    I'm so grateful to Dr. Joseph and everyone on the staff at ASC! Our regular vet recommended that our dog, Ollie, see Dr. Joseph for terrible back pain that had come on very suddenly. I was very worried for Ollie, upset that he was in so much pain, and dreading taking Ollie to another vet, who I feared might be detached and strictly clinical.

    Both Ollie's and my experience couldn't have been better. Dr. Joseph is a great listener. He's sympathetic and kind and caring, as is everyone we met at ASC. Ollie had to have an MRI and was found to have an infection in a vertebrae that probably caused a disc to rupture. Dr. Joseph was patient and explained Ollie's condition to me perfectly, making sure I understood the reasons for his treatment decisions. After 2 weeks on steroids, antibiotics, and pain medication, Ollie's feeling much better.

  • Our Girl Sofia

    -Deb McNamee from Hopewell Junction, NY
    Pet Name: Sofia McNamee

    My Girl Sofia

    Sofia is a beautiful 5 year old brown dachshund who was born with a genetic disc problem. In 2011 she was treated with conservative treatment.

    On December 1, 2012 she was again was showing signs of weakness in her back legs. Despite steroid and pain management on 12/14/12 she lost the use of her back legs.

    It was on that day that my vet recommended the Animal Specialty Center to us. Upon arrival, she was immediately seen and a MRI was recommended. The outcome of the MRI was that she needed surgery due to intervertebral disc extrusion, which she had that day. Dr. Joseph took the time to explain the details and was compassionate to our feelings. We decided to have the surgery done (hemilaminectory)

    On 12/15 I went to visit her and she was standing and could take a couple of steps. I cannot describe the happiness when I seen her 12 hours after surgery.

    She is now 5 days post-op and she is waking again and getting stronger.

    Animal Specialty gave is our Sofia back and thank you could never me enough.

    The staff was excellent in caring for her and answering questions.

    I highly recommend the services of Animal Specialty.

  • ASC, Equals Quality Care and Compassion

    -Ken and Wendy Lewis from New Rochelle, NY
    Pet Name: Latte

    Pet Image The day after Thanksgiving our Yellow Lab Latte the love of our lives became ill. Our everyday Vet sent us immediately to ASC. Nobody knew exactly what was wrong with Latte but ASC did all the right things and gave her and us amazing care. Our thanks and gratitude to Dr. Quirk, Dr. Patterson and all the staff at ASC for the round the clock service and care they gave to Latte. We were informed of Latte's progress throughout the night, the next day and ASC follow up with us during the days after her release. We feel lucky to have this type of a quality care this close to our home.

  • Thank You

    -Patricia Gasiorowski from South Salem, NY

    Every once in a while you stumble into great fortune through no fault of your own. Sometimes it's a place, could be an organization, perhaps a group or an individual... and somehow the world is a much better place. The Animal Specialty Center is just that place, an organization filled with amazing, caring teams. The individual superheros that make up these teams are beyond professional. My little guy was treated with kindness, diagnosed with brilliance and in just over an hour, our lives were changed permanently. It's so comforting to know, there is a group of specialists who can talk to the animals and they are not far from home... Dr. Richard Joseph is my personal hero!

  • Caring attitude at a time of sorrow

    -Barbara Kingsborough from MOUNT KISCO, NY

    A friend of mine lost her 20 year old cat after a long and lovely life. The kitty died peacefully at home, but at night on the weekend. ASC very kindly and compassionately helped my friend with the delicate matter of the remains. Not only was the staff very understanding, the fees for service were very reasonable.
    She was highly pleased with the service provided. Thank you for helping here in her time of need. I am a veterinarian in the area and refer clients to ASC for specialty care when needed and am therefore very happy to hear she had an excellent experience with your facility.

  • Thumper

    -Rich and Michele from Cold Spring, NY
    Pet Name: Thumper

    Our 4lb., 10 year old Japanese Chin, Thumper, suddenly could no longer stand up by himself. Our Vet referred us to ASC. We were blessed with the compassionate care of Dr. Chiampa, Dr. Heuter, & Dr. Joseph... along with Staff Members (Dan, Chelsea, Joe, Regina, Jennifer), and Vet Techs (Sue)-to name a few. Their comfort and professional care for our "baby" has meant so much to our family.

    We will definitely recommend this group of fine Veterinary Professionals.

    THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

    Thumper is doing well!

  • Dr. Joseph figured out what was wrong with Crypto

    -Ann Lockyer from Greenwich, CT
    Pet Name: Crypto

    Once again, I find myself telling another friend about Dr. Joseph and Emily and the thoughtful and kind care they gave to my sweet Tibetan Terrier, Crypto. I came to Dr. Joseph at the recommendation of our regular vet. She said an animal neurologist might be able to figure out the strange issues Crypto was having and that she would trust Dr. Joseph herself, if she was having a neurological problem. He did not disappoint! What I thought were seizures, Dr. Joseph thoughtfully and curiously determined was more of a balance issue and described them as episodes (not seizures).

    After several months of trying different meds, things were not getting any easier for Crypto, so we headed back to Dr. Joseph and Emily. We looked at videos I had taken with my i-phone and again, studied Crypto. He then suggested that he take some blood and send it to a special lab to see what they might find.

    Sadly, Crypto continued to get much worse and in June, I brought him back to see Dr. Joseph and Emily. I knew it would be his last visit and we all cried as we said goodbye to sweet Crypto, just 7 years old. It was just his time.......I still am touched by the thoughtful, kind, loving and compassion both Dr. Joseph and Emily showed to me and to Crypto.

    We all miss him, especially his cousin, Trooper -our other Tibetan Terrier.

    We actually had additional comfort when- a month after Crypto died, Dr Joseph called to tell me he had received the results from the lab in St. Louis. Crypto had a degenerative neurological disease that he had most likely had for years and WE ALL had done everything we could for him. Dr. Joseph was right - it was not seizures! Had it not been for his curiosity and tenacity to figure it out- we would have always wondered if we could have done more for our sweet dog.
    I will always recommend the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers to anyone that needs special care for their pet and will always talk about wonderful Dr. Joseph.

    Thank you for letting me share this with you.


    -JUDY FOGEL from 2 terrace circle 3g great neck, NY
    Pet Name: PUNCH

    I am writing again to say that you are all sooooo professional, and sooo easy to deal with...even when the stress of my darling American Curl cat Punch...and I are freaked and stressed !!

    Dr. Joseph is amazing on every level...and we are all so lucky to have the skills and kindness of Emily, and Alyssa the LVTs..special thanks also to Melissa and Joe...

  • Cody

    -Phyllis from Briarcliff manor, NY
    Pet Name: Cody

    My sweet Cody was screaming in pain when we took him to Dr. Joseph at ASC. The MRI showed he needed immediate surgery. From his first moments at ASC to his release, Cody's care was exceptional. The front desk, aides, technicians, interns and residents all were professional, caring and sympathetic. I even received a text photo of Cody after surgery to soothe my rattled nerves. Dr. Joseph is lauded for his diagnostic and surgical skills. He must also be recognized for a compassionate bedside manner that is too often missing in veterinarians. I cannot say enough about how positive my experience was at ASC. How indebted I am to Dr. Joseph and his colleagues.. And most of all, how strongly I recommend the facility and its staff.


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