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  • As always the staff is the best

    -Valerie from Mahopac, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Kendall

    As always the staff is the best. Everyone in the oncology department they take the best care of my dog Kendall that means more than you no when your dealing with cancer. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Our Baby Woody

    -Nicole Jackson from Ossining, NY
    Pet Name: Woody

    Our 6 y/o Jack Russell, Woody, has had 2 surgeries at AMC for herniated discs and we had to have him seen for an emergency neck issue twice over the past 2 weeks. I can't say enough about the Center. From the minute you walk in the door until the minute you are discharged it is nothing short of an amazing experience. There should be center's with staff and Doc's that care for humans like my pet has been cared for at the ASU. We will be forever grateful. The Jackson's

  • In memory of Ignacio aka Iggy

    -William and Susan Jones from Nanuet, NY
    Pet Name: Ignacio aka Iggy

    For those considering care at the Animal Specialty Center, were it not for our regular Veternarian-Dr. Diaz we would not have received the loving and individualized care for Iggy's fairly sudden life threatening setback.

    Dr. Joseph, Linda McMahon and the ASC team became warriors on behalf of Iggy's survival until it became clear to us, that Iggy was not going to have the quality of life we so believed he should have.

    Iggy was 8 years old, a therapy dog, a sport dog and most importantly a family member and 'mayor' of our dog saturated neighborhood. There never could have been a dog who was so full of passion for life from the time he woke up in the morning until he collapsed at night. He and my husband Bill were inseparable and did more together in 8 years then most partners do in a lifetime. Iggy touched so many lives and because he was a top performer in Obedience and Shutzhund sports is on Youtube and easy to pull up on the internet. Top trainers marveled at his power, passion and love for life and sport. People asked if we decided to breed him to let them know because they loved his temperament and drive.

    All that being said, Iggy suddenly developed balance problems that rapidly worsened. We were referred to Dr. Joseph and able to see him that afternoon. In our opinion, Dr. Joseph has earned his reputation as a top dog neurologist not only for his clinical and diagnostic abilities, but, his availability for questions and a shoulder to cry on. When we entered ASC, it made me think of the MD Anderson of dog specialty centers. (MD Anderson is repeatedly rated as a top cancer treatment center in the world). There were many dogs, their owners and all shared their stories with each other. Dr. Joseph attended to everyone's needs in an individualized and quality way as did his support staff. Linda McMahon, the PT who later worked with Iggy was wonderful and exceptional. We felt that our dog was the center of their attention when they attended to Iggy. We also witnessed the same treatment of other 'patients' and their families.

    Most importantly to us, Dr. Joseph and Linda McMahon were open and honest about the prognosis and possibilities with Iggy. We could not stand the thought of losing him or putting him down. We were presented that as an option during the initial consult along with surgery and the potential for recovery. Dr. Joseph was direct and honest. We decided to go through with the surgery and nursed Iggy (85 lbs) for 3 months. Our home was set up like a hospital. On September 20th Iggy had his last PT appointment. We spoke with Dr. Joseph coming to the acceptance that Iggy's progress was not what we hoped for. We consulted with Linda McMahon and then our Vet.

    With inexplicable pain, we made the decision to put Iggy down, concluding that he was not going to get much better. We saw the passion leave his eyes. Moments before Iggy's last gift was kissing my husband repeatedly. We miss you Iggy!

  • Gave Ziggy a second chance at a happy life

    -Kathy M. from Hopewell Junction, NY
    Pet Name: Ziggy

    round Christmas 2008 it was apparent our little doxie mix was having issues with walking. After he lost complete use of his back legs our vet sent us to Animal Specialty Center. It was deemed that he ruptured a disc and had surgery January 2009. Here he is 4½ years later, 10 years old and still puppy-like. You would never know he was unable to walk, let alone stand. We owe Ziggy’s return to a normal quality of life to the care he received at Animal Specialty Center.

  • Bless you Dr. Jeanne Budgin

    -Nancy from Rye, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Molly

    4 years ago Molly, our beloved English Pointer, suddenly developed strange red spots all over and at the suggestion of her regular vet, put us in the hands of Dr. Jeanne Budgin whose specialty is dermatology. I made the appointment and it was a match made in heaven for all! Dr. Budgin spent an enormous amount of time collecting information about Molly- we were with her for over 1 hour and while she thought she knew what the problem might be needed to spend a little more time investigating to exactly what Molly had �" and she did. Over the course of 1 ½ years we met with Dr. Budgin and her nurses who were always welcoming and kind�" the prognosis was spot on and her honesty how to “cure” Molly’s skin problem and what we could expect with the medical protocol was accurate. Molly became spot free and remains that way today.

    Jeanne Budgin is a warm, caring, and compassionate doctor with a wonderful sense of humor and she is incredibly bright. She gave us confidence that Molly would get better and we knew that we had made the right decision to see her. Each and every appointment with her Molly received the same care and attentiveness as the first time we met. Dr. Budgin always took the time to respond to emails even after Molly got better �" she just really cares about her patients and their ongoing welfare.

    Dr. Budgin’s “table” side manner with Molly put us at ease but most important put Molly at ease. She is a true professional who treats each patient with love and great care that only a great doctor can do.

    In a few words �" she is simply the best.

    N & J �" Rye, NY

  • Many thanks to the ASC...

    -JoAnn and Sam Ryan from Pinehurst, NC
    Pet Name: Teddy

    Pet Image Today our 11 year old Black Lab, Teddy, had the cyber knife stereotactic radiation procedure for a meningioma (brain tumor) at the Animal Specialty Center. Teddy’s doctor, Dr. Richard Joseph, was fabulous, as was the entire staff at ASC. Teddy was diagnosed with the tumor at NC State Veterinary Hospital (we live in NC) and we traveled to NY because ASC is only one of three facilities in the US that has cyber knife. Instead of weeks of radiation treatments, only 1 or 3 treatments is required. And, happily, Teddy only needed one treatment. (The attached photo was taken at the Center an hour after Teddy's procedure was completed...)

    We are so glad we chose ASC for Teddy’s cyber knife treatment. This Center is full of people who truly care about the animals they treat…

  • Forever grateful

    -RIMA GARROW from Mamaroneck, NY
    Pet Name: Mikki and Koukla

    I have two dogs that have had serious health issues through the past 4 years . I am confident that they could not have survived through their ailments had it not been for the amazing professional care of the doctor's and staff at ASC!

    One of my dogs has an auto-immune disease that almost took her life a few years ago but thanks to Dr. Jeanne Budgin, and her very competent & caring staff (especially Catherine McNeely, who is one of the most wonderful people I have every met), my dog has not only survived this disease but has also been happy and healthy under Dr. Budgin's care. I am, and will be, forever grateful for the compassion, love, and care in which Dr. Budgin showed me and my dog and for her continuous effort in giving my pet the best quality of life in these past years. I have nothing but respect, praise, gratefulness, and the highest of recommendations for Dr. Budgin and her staff! Also, a special shout out to Dr. Mary Buelow who performed oral surgery on my dog's problematic teeth and eased her discomfort.

    My other dog had two knees with serious issues and she was in constant pain. She had reached a point where she could not stand up with her hind legs and could barely walk. Thanks to the amazing Dr. Dennis Ting, and his wonderful staff (especially his assistant Eric Zamora who was so loving and caring of both my dog and myself), my dog is now pain free and able to walk and run and enjoy her life! Dr. Ting performed two knee surgeries that successfully changed my dog's life to that of a healthy & happy pet. I cannot be more grateful enough for his care and for all the time he took to meticulously explain everything and walk me through the surgery procedure and healing process.

    I feel so lucky and grateful to have found these wonderful skilled professionals who have made my life and both of my pets life's so much healthier and happier. Thank you, Dr. Budgin (and Catherine)! Thank your, Dr. Ting (and Eric)! We would have never made it without you! And thank you to all the staff at ASC, receptionist and accountants, who have also been so courteous, caring, and professional throughout the years.

  • Dr. Budgin Rocks the House

    -Jay churnetski from New York, NY
    Pet Name: Cohoe

    My dog Cohoe (Siberian Husky) was diagnosed before his first birthday with a fairly rare condition called Alopecia X. I was sent to the best Board certified dermatologist My Dog and I could have ever met DR. Budgin!!!! There is no better Dermatologist for your pet and what is far more important there is no better caring thoughtful human being for you and your pet!! Dr Budgin simply rocks!! there are no if ands or buts about it! we have been with her for close to 8 years now and although Cohoe stills has his condition Dr Budgin has put more time into him than I could have ever imagined, the most important thing is that she gives me the piece of mind that we are doing all that we can to make Cohoe better! she is tops in her field and ON HER GAME always! If you have any need for a board certified Dermatologist for your pet you would greatly decrease your chances of a great outcome if you pass Dr. Budgin up. I am sure you have all heard the saying "You have tried the rest now try the best" Dr. Budgin IS THE BEST you could take that to the bank!! Jay, John, and COHOE we love her!

  • The Derm Team goes the extra mile

    -Cloudy's Mom from New York, NY
    Pet Name: Cloudy

    I was truly amazed to get a telephone message from Catherine, a Derm Team member, in which she informed me about a pet food recall. She knew that Cloudy has been eating one of the foods that was recalled. Now, I had seen notices of this recall, but it didn't register that I had some of this food (in an unopened bag, fortunately) sitting in my closet until I got Catherine's call. She went the extra mile, and my good old boy is not getting a bite of that food, thank heavens...and Catherine.

  • Thank you just isn't enough to ASC...

    -Kristine and Steve from Ossining, NY
    Pet Name: Lacey

    Our dog Lacey collapsed one night on us and we were so scared. Not knowing ASC, we took her to a 24 hr location near our home. In the am our vet recommended we take her to ASC. A bit hesitant because I only trust our vet with Lacey, we went to ASC. From the moment we walked in until we checked Lacey out, the facility & staff were incredible. We have never experienced such a great facility before! This group of vets/staff truly love animals & I am so glad our vet recommended them. We felt confident & comfortable leaving our baby in their hands. Dr. Joseph & his staff made us feel very comfortable by keeping us informed constantly & ALWAYS made sure Lacey (and me) were ok, that we understood what was going on & all pros/cons. We can't thank this group enough for all that they did. We would highly recommend this group to everyone! We are especially grateful for the care/concern we experienced over the last few days!


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