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  • ASC saved our tiny puppy Bear

    -Antonietta from Ossining, NY
    Pet Name: Bear

    We took Bear, our little 2.5 lb Shih Tzu puppy, to our Vet on June 13th (Saturday) for the 1st time. He got the DA2PP vaccine that day and it was down hill from there. He started having diarrhea on Sunday. By Monday, he was vomiting for 2 hours as we took him back to the Vet. They thought he had a stomach issue and sent him home with diarrhea medication. On Tuesday he was not better. No eating, barely drinking but vomiting. We rushed him to the Vet again. They gave him a steroid shot and sent him home. By Wednesday morning, he was barely moving and we rushed him to the Vet and waited for them to open. That day he was given fluids and they took an x-ray. We were told that he had an obstruction and needed surgery right away. We were devastated. We were however, told that the Dr. could not do the surgery because Bear would need 24 hour care after the surgery and they could not provide this. At least they had the decency to refer us to Animal Specialty Center. Thank God! Joe was waiting for us at the door and he took us right inside to an exam room. Dr. Tichenor met us and said Bear needed fluids and an Ultrasound first. They did the Ultrasound, and try as he might, the doctor could not find an obstruction! Dr. Tichenor came out and told us he did NOT need surgery! We were so happy to hear this! She told us that they would keep him overnight and keep giving him fluids and medication as needed. I even called at midnight to check on him and Amanda was happy to tell me he had eaten some dinner and that he was doing well. The next morning Dr. Tichenor called me and said that they would like to keep him for the day to give him additional fluids but that if he continued doing well and eating, he could go home that night. Bear is fine now. No issues. Our Vet was going to do surgery on a 2.5 lbs puppy when there was nothing there! All Bear needed was a little support - fluids, glucose, etc.. I wish ASC had regular Veterinary services too! We need to find a new regular Vet. but at least I know where to take him in case of emergency now.

  • a belated thank you to Dr. Berg and Staff

    -Joan Ferraro from sleepy hollow, NY
    Pet Name: Sheeba Ferraro

    Pet Image Several years ago, my mixed breed (Siamese/Burmese) little (feline) girl had developed a "mysterious" i.e. "not frequently diagnosed" syndrome. I can recall w/ clarity returning home from work on a Friday evening and having my little one,(as usual) greet me at the door, only this particular time she walked slowly, methodically and with a glaze in her eyes. Most of the weekend she just seemed "off" with little appetite. I brought her to my regular vet, and nothing of note could be found. By late Sunday evening however, she was stumbling into my room as if drugged. Her head was shaking side to side and she was unable to hold her glance. It appeared she didn't have control over her eye movement. I brought her to the 24 hr W.P. animal emergency room (at 4:00 in the morning) - they weren't sure what it could be either, sending us home w/ advice to see my regular vet (again) in the morning. After several hrs the vet called me with a accurate diagnosis. Peripheral vestibular disease, which is a neurological syndrome that basically must "run it's course." Having been told that Sheeba should return to normal in a few days, she wasn't improving as quickly as I had hoped. I brought her in to see Dr. Berg and he advised me to give it more time, perhaps even 2 weeks. He was right on target, in 2 weeks she had returned to her normal state. Dr Berg was patient, attentive, concerned and very adept within his field of knowledge. I have recently had to euthanize Sheeba due to gastrointestinal cancer. I have visited many vets thru the years, each treating her for varying illnesses along the way. Sheeba was (I suspect) already middle-aged when I adopted her 10 1/2 yrs ago, so we've been thru a lot together - yet she always seemed to bounce back. And I am grateful that so many veterinarians helped us along the way. Dr. Berg was one of them. He definitely helped ease my concerns during one of Sheeba's most daunting illnesses. Thank you!! - belatedly - to you all at Animal Specialty Center. Best - Joan Ferraro

  • You saved my boy

    -Robin Dan Isidro from Stamford, CT
    Pet Name: Bronco

    Pet Image I will be forever gratful to Dr. Joseph and his team for saving my boy Bronco. Dr. Joseph's professionalism, knowledge and skill have brought back the love of my life. The daily phone calls to explain to us and keep us informed were so appreciated, the staff went above and beyond, not just for us but we saw first hand on our daily visits the love & care they gave all the animals in their care. When we first walked into the building I was hysterically crying, we walked into Dr. Joseph's office and I saw all those cards and letters thanking him for saving their pets, it gave me such hope and comfort. When we walked out with our boy after everything I was crying again, but out of pure happiness. We can never thank you enough for all you have done, we were told by numerous people to go there and specifically to see Dr. Joseph with Bronco's diagnosis, I couldn't understand why we should go so far when there was a place in the next town over. I was told 'there is a reason everyone tells you to go there, they are simply the best' and as I sit here, with my boy lovingly By my side I realize it was the best decision in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Congrats to Dr Joseph and ASC

    -Joanna Schulman from Greenwich, CT
    Pet Name: Rudy

    Congrats to Dr. Joseph and his dream team at Animal Specialty Center, I cannot thank you enough! They have kept my 12 year old royal standard poodle alive for 4 years since he began having seizures. Each time he has more than one seizure within 24 hours or one within two weeks, Dr. Joseph walks the tightrope and alters the medication. He decides how much to increase and decrease all the medications ---without making Rudy drowsy. This is no easy feat. With great admiration and appreciation for all he and his team have done Thank You!

  • Dodger

    -Melanie Miksad from Yonkers, NY
    Pet Name: Dodger

    I brought my boy Dodger in after he had a bad fall. It turns out he broke his back leg and he was in agony. This was a Sunday night and the staff was wonderful, so attentive and caring. It turns out he had an underlying issue that would require surgery and even after consulting the doctor, he would be in constant pain. He had very bad arthritis too (which now in hindsite, his problems may have been brought on by this underlying issue) and also being that Dodger was 13 years old and I made the agonizing decision to let him go. The staff was wonderful and although I miss my boy immensely, I will never forget the way we were treated with dignity and love

  • Outstanding Facility

    -John H Ostendorf Sr from Bayside, NY
    Pet Name: Joey Wachtel Ostendorf

    Our Beagle mix, Joey Wachtel, had a bruised disc in his neck. Very, very painful. Our Vet referred us to the ASC and Dr Joseph, who, with the staff, gave wonderful care to Joey. No surgery was needed in the end. Just medication and a body harness. Made all the difference. Joey is once again like a pup. Would not go anywhere else. The follow up, by Dr Joseph regarding Joey was caring, thorough.

  • Lucy received compassionate and extraordinary care

    -Kelly from New York, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Lucy

    Lucy received compassionate and extraordinary care. Dr's Joseph and Bonawandt worked together to come up with how best to deal with the myriad of issues Lucy has and worked closely with her regular vet to make sure she had the appropriate continuity of care at home. Both Dr's Joseph and Bonawandt were fantastic. They spent a lot of time explaining things to me. They were very sweet and gentle with Lucy and they kept me in the loop about what was going on with her for the duration of her time there.

  • Dr. Bonczynski professional, warm, compassionate

    -Marion from New York, NY
    Pet Name: Cat Goblin

    Dr. Bonczynski is always professional, warm and compassionate. Joey at the front reception desk helped me a lot with getting information to other specialists.He faxed and refaxed documents and was patient and reassuring throughout! Dr. Bonczynski has helped us in so many ways with a very complicated little cat. She always presents things in a way that is realistic but not devastating. We appreciate her kindness very much!

  • Dr. Berg deserves the biggest compliment

    -Jeanelle from Greenwood Lake, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Rexie

    Dr. Berg deserves the biggest compliment! I know that I can be overwhelming with concerning questions but he kept a calm voice and broke every detail down to me so I would understand. Clearly he is a very busy doctor but still made time to call me back or have someone call me to address any further questions. Another individual I would like to compliment was a young man who worked overnight, I didn't get his name though. He was there the first night and caught the wrath of my questioning, he wasn't sure of the case in full but he took full responsibility and found the answers. The second night rexie was there I came for visitation and he brought her over to my room, he explained he walked her but she wasn't really into it and did not use the bathroom. Well, that's my little diva! I asked her if she wanted to go outside and she ran to the door. When I walked her, she went not once but twice! She's a lady and couldn't use the bathroom in front of a guy :) when he came back to get Rexie and return her to the back he was very comforting with his words and actions. THANK YOU!

  • I am always pleased with professionalism and care

    -Victoria from New Rochelle, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Casey

    I am always pleased with the degree of professionalism & care that is provided by all of the staff at ASC. The Receptionists & Business Staff are always welcoming & considering the fact that we visit approx 5 times/week at various times of the evening or night - we have become a familiar sight & if a staff member is new or covering the effort has always been made to make us feel welcome. Introductions are always provided. I always feel comfortable when I enter the doors. Thank You.


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