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  • ASC saved Finnegan's life...

    -Christina Zacharia from Scarsdale, NY
    Pet Name: Finnegan

    Pet Image Finnegan, my Jack Russell Terrier, was severely injured in a car accident. He had a broken pelvis, internal injuries as well as muscle damage. Dr. Richard Joseph (an amazing neurologist that treated another dog of mine), Dr. Rousseau, Dr. Hearon, and Dr. Bonczynski, among others, all saved his life. He was in intensive care and was cared for like one of their children. Finnegan had to learn to walk again and did so with Physical Therapist, Linda McMahon, in the hospital's state-of-the-art swim tank. Eight months later, Finnegan is running and jumping as he had done before the accident. Finnegan and his family feel fortunate to have the Animal Specialty Center nearby. It is truly top notch!!

  • A million thanks

    -James and Linda Westerfield from Pine Bush, NY
    Pet Name: McAllister

    Last January our 6 yr Basset hound McAllister became desperately ill. We rushed him to Flannerys in Newburgh NY for testing, the awesome, caring and thorough Dr.Winter recommended that we get him to Animal Specialty Center as quickly as possible.

    The staff and Dr. Berg & Dr. Birkel at ASC were nothing short of wonderful!

    McAllister was diagnosed with immune mediated encephalitis. With dedicated care and support, eight months later McAllister is once again a joyful, loving, healthy, outrageous little guy. A million thanks for all the expertise, caring, patience and support.

    You saved our dogs life.

  • Very caring and informative

    -Jenna A. from Yonkers, NY
    Pet Name: Six year old Shih Tzu

    I had to take my 6 yr old Shih Tzu this past weekend.. he had a horrible reaction to his vaccinations. I was so scared for him, he was having some trouble breathing, was throwing up, and his face got so swollen - my poor baby. They took care of us right away. We had Dr. Joyce Wagner and she was very caring and informative - helped me relax. She kept a watch on him to make sure his emergency shots of Benadryl and steroids were working and typed out everything she discussed with us with detailed instructions. Maybe a lot of vets do that, but I was glad because always after I leave, I ask my husband - what did they say again?? Wish she was a regular vet too and not just an emergency one.. need to get her referral on a regular vet when I go back..

  • Specialists I choose for my patients and my own pets

    -Brian J. Green, DVM from Sleepy Hollow, NY

    I have been a veterinarian for over 30 years, and in that time there have been countless cases that went far enough beyond my own expertise that I felt a specialist in one discipline or another would be beneficial to my patient. Until recently, it was very difficult to find that expertise all under one roof without driving significant distances. The Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers has satisfied that need in stellar fashion.

    While services at other facilities have been available to me, problems with communication, fees, or lack of insightful diagnostic approach leading to appropriate answers in a timely fashion led to significant frustration on the part of my clientele, and by extension, me. When Drs. Joseph and Berg assembled a team which included many people to whom I had referred cases years earlier at a New York City facility, I was thrilled to be able to keep my patients local, but under the care of the specialists I would choose for my patients, and have for my own pets! There can be no greater recommendation than that.
    Brian J. Green, DVM
    Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital

  • Thank you is an understatement

    -Renee Wertheimer and family from Congers, NY
    Pet Name: Bello

    To all the staff at Animal Specialty Center,
    Thank you is an understatement! You saved my puppy and never gave up when everyone else did. Thanks to you my puppy Bello is happy, healthy, and alive. I've never met such a caring staff who helped for the love of an animal. You were so accommodating and each and every single one of you at Animal Specialty Center did all that you could for Bello. My family and I can thank you enough. Best,
    Renee Wertheimer, Bello and family

  • The best

    -Joan Frumkies from Yonkers, NY
    Pet Name: Wednesday

    In November, Dr. Jason Berg performed a hemi-laminectomy on my dog, Wednesday, at the Animal Specialty Center. When my veterinarian, Dr. Nicole Peta (County Animal Clinic, Yonkers) suggested I see a neurologist, there was no question that ASC was the only place to go. Several friends and coworkers have had similar problems with their dogs and Dr. Berg could not have been more highly recommended, both by the dog owners and other veterinary neurologists I know outside of New York. The vet techs were amazing - caring and extremely professional. There was no doubt in my mind that Wednesday was being given the best care possible. I could not recommend Dr. Berg and the Animal Specialty Center more highly. Wednesday deserves the best care and she received it at ASC.

  • Emergency Palate surgery

    -The Cassara's from New Rochelle, NY
    Pet Name: Candy

    Our Beagle, Candy, had started to breathe very oddly one day after getting a bath. Then, her tongue started turning blue. We were so scared. We rushed her to an emergency vet clinic in white plains where they said she had pneumonia. They kept her overnight. We took her home the next day thinking all was okay and then had to rush her to our vets in Mamaroneck that same day. There they said she's got to go to ASC now. Once we saw the doctor she told us Candy did not have pneumonia but an elongated palate which was causing her breathing problems. We had no idea that even happened in beagles... Candy had two surgeries to reduce her palate...she spent a week at ASC. It was the hardest week of our lives. I woke up crying every day and missed her so much. My husband and I would drive over just to see her from afar as we didn't want to get her too worked up. Every day we were able to speak to a doctor or a vet tech who had spent time with our baby girl and every time I cried they said "don't worry, she is doing wonderfully and is so sweet", they made me feel better. ASC saved our baby girl. The scariest thing for a mom is to see her baby suffer and ASC was beyond wonderful. I have had Candy since she was 10 weeks old and she is my everything, ASC treated her like she was their baby too. My husband and I cannot thank ASC enough for all and everything they did for Candy. She is one happy beagle and we have ASC to thank for saving her. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Thank You

    -John Tepe from Cortlandt Manor, NY
    Pet Name: Lucky - GSD mix

    Pet Image On September 29 2015 we brought Lucky our dog of over 14 years in for emergency care. While we knew deep down a difficult decision may have to be made, Dr Benson and staff took care of us and made us feel like we were her only concern. She ensured our Lucky's last moments were stress and pain free and when the final breath came it occurred with dignity, comfort and respect. We would also like to thank Dr Berg who also has treated Lucky these past 3 years and when Lucky developed seizures he helped us manage that for three years and gave him quality of life. While we wish they could live forever it is good and comforting to know this hospital and staff exist for not only well care but those difficult times as well

  • Dedicated, Expert, Compassionate

    -Lynn Rath from Poughkeepsie, NY
    Pet Name: Sly

    Our 12y/o Border Collie, Sly, had a seizure for the first time, and we brought him to ASC and were so lucky to have them take care of him. Sly had a tumor on his liver, appx the size of an eggplant. He had an MRI to be sure that his brain was free of tumors & the liver tumor removed. He was hospitalized for several days and nothing but the best care was given to him. If it weren't for the expertise and dedication of Dr Joseph, Dr. Bonczynski, Dr. Lindsay and the numerous techs that were dedicated to him, Sly would not be with us today. The entire team at this facility is dedicated to the health and well being of each and every animal, as well as the partnership between each Dr and animal owner. Our dog was in the best of hands and his life was saved by these amazing people. Words will never express our deep appreciation for each and every staff member; from the Client Care Specialists that answer the phone, all the way to the Drs of this incredible team,---Thank you for your hard work, long hours and dedication to our animals. May there be others that follow your lead!

  • Awesome Staff

    -Diana Suarez from Bronx, NY

    Pet Image I took my 17yrs old Maxi, who I had since 6 weeks old, passed away yesterday July 8th I have no words how the whole staff from the receptionist, Nurse, Doctors treated my baby. Every step of the way was explained so clear and with so much understanding. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!


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