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Animal Specialty Center is a premier specialty and 24 hour veterinary emergency animal hospital. Located in Yonkers, NY, people from all over Westchester County, Rockland County, Connecticut, Manhattan and the Bronx have traveled here with their pets to come and see our doctors. We have had clients from all over the United States travel to our hospital to consult with our knowledgeable and experienced veterinary specialists. We have specialists in Veterinary Acupuncture, Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Physical Therapy, Radiation Oncology, and Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery.

Animal Specialty Center began as a dream for Dr. Richard Joseph and Dr. Jason Berg nearly a decade ago. In the fall of 2007 it became a reality - a comprehensive, purpose-built, specialty veterinary center providing clients, veterinarians and specialists with the most innovative diagnostic tools and advanced treatments available.

The facility's focus is on expanding the horizons of veterinary care. From developing new therapies and acquiring state-of-the-art equipment to continuing professional development - everything at Animal Specialty Center has been designed to improve the quality of life for our patients. Did you know that ASC is the only veterinary facility in the country with on-site Cyberknife?

The animal hospital’s unique collaborative environment offers comprehensive support to referring veterinarians, providing them with everything they need from consultation to operating room participation. To help keep veterinarians community informed of the latest developments in veterinary medicine, we offer Continuing Education several times a year for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

While the professional and technical aspects of the center take a prominent role, Animal Specialty Center never forgets its primary mission: Keeping people and pets together, while enjoying longer, happier and healthier lives. Our mission statement is “Where your pet’s health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal.” We strive to live these words everyday and do our best to make sure that the experience you have at the Animal Specialty Center is the best that it can be.

We look forward to working with you and your primary veterinarian as, together, we continue to expand the horizons of veterinary medicine and provide the best care possible for you and your pet .


General Practice

We have over 600 animal hospitals in 41 states and 4 Canadian provinces that are staffed by more than 3,000 fully-qualified, dedicated and compassionate veterinarians, with more than 400 being board-certified specialists.

The nationwide VCA family of general practice hospitals give your pet the very best in medical care, providing a full range of general medical and surgical services as well as specialized treatments such as wellness, spay/neuter, advanced diagnostic services (MRI/CT Scan), internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, boarding, and grooming. Services may vary by location.

Our family of pet hospitals stands out by delivering the greatest resources in order provide the highest quality care available for your pets. By maintaining the highest standards of pet health care available anywhere, we emphasize prevention as well as healing. We provide continuing education programs to our doctors and staff and promote the open exchange of professional knowledge and expertise. And finally, we have established a consistent program of procedures and techniques, proven to be the most effective in keeping pets healthy.

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Emergency Care


TEL: 914-457-4000

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Animal Specialty Center is a fully-equipped 24/7/365 emergency hospital serving communities in and surrounding lower Westchester. If you suspect your pet may be having a medical crisis, we have a staff of top veterinarians, technicians and client care specialists prepared to handle all pet medical emergencies.

Our Emergency and Critical Care units can assist in all of the following situations requiring immediate medical attention: Auto accidents, traumatic injuries (fractures, bites, burns, lacerations, wounds), respiratory emergencies (choking, difficulty breathing), vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty urinating/defecating, shock, loss of consciousness, dizziness, staggering, tremors, seizures, paralysis, toxic reactions, poison ingestion, labor and delivery problems, blood in urine or feces, swollen, hard, painful abdomen, heatstroke.