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  • Outstanding Care and Compassion

    -Scott Miller from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Dixie Lee Miller

    Pet Image Thanksgiving Day 2014, I had to lay my dog, Dixie Lee down to rest...They gave her the utmost Respect and Compassion anyone could give her on her last day...My Respect and Thanks to Dr. Katharine Wentworth and her Staff for giving me piece of mind on that heartbreaking day...TY so much for what yall did for me and my Dixie Lee...God Bless Yall.

  • Caring and quick service

    -Debra F. from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Kayla

    My dog had been vomiting for a day and a half, she couldn't even keep water down. So I brought her in on a Saturday night. We only had to wait maybe 45 mins. to talk to the Doctor. She was very helpful and caring. My dog had recently been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and we had our surgery consultation the following week. We were concerned the vomiting was related to the tumor, and the Dr. talked everything out with us and gave good advice. We did blood work and did not have to wait very long at all, the technician hustled to get results back asap for us. Everyone working there truly cares about their job and the work they're doing. We never felt rushed or like a number, we received great service and prompt attention.

  • Compassionate Care

    -Kristin and Michael Fulton from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Charlie

    Our Charlie was diagnosed with a heart tumor five weeks ago. He was doing fine until 1:30 this morning, when he went into severe distress. We called the care center and they said bring him in now. When we arrived, the receptionist took him immediately to Dr. Wentworth. We would like to thank Dr. Wentworth, and the entire staff of VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center on duty the night of August 31 to Sep 1, for the compassionate care that was given to us, and to our always happy puppy. Everything was explained to us and we were never rushed, as all of the staff who worked with us, understand just how painful it was to say goodbye to this member of our family. They let us have as much time as needed with Charlie before he was put to sleep and let us know everything to expect during the procedure. It was a difficult time for us, but we felt being able to hold Charlie was the right way for us to say good bye. We were able to spend time with him after he was gone and they let us know everything about what will happen with his remains - they even let his favorite blanket go with him. It is difficult to come up with words to express how much your patience and kindness meant to us. Our family thanks you.

  • Helping Us put our pet to rest

    -M from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: OREO

    Pet Image Last night, we made a very hard choice we had been putting off for many months to have our dog put to sleep. She took a turn for the worst after many ups and downs that left us feeling like we should give her time. But, last night, we knew things were not good. I always said I could never have this done to our dog Oreo, but when that moment came, the ladies at the office that night were so soft with her and us. We had our kids. Only my husband had experienced having to do this, not the three of us. But, it was so hard and still feeling confused about the decision, but know it was probably what Oreo needed and wanted if she could talk. VCA helped us put her to rest in a dignified manner, and the VET that night and the employees were compassionate with our emotions. Thanks so much!

  • Tyler

    -Susie from Arcadia, IN
    Pet Name: Tyler

    When we brought our Tyler in late on a Sunday night he was a very sick boy. Dr. Edwards in emergency was the first to take care of him. He was in the hospital for a week and we almost lost him. Dr. Stanley then took over his care and we brought him home. He still sees Dr. Stanley because now he has developed diabetes but he is still with us thanks to the care he received at the hospital with the care of these great doctors and their concern for my Schnauzer.

  • End of Life Experience

    -Michelle from Fishers, IN
    Pet Name: Max

    Pet Image Yesterday, we had to make the really hard decision to end Max's, our beloved 10.5 year old black lab's life. Max was suffering from malignant Melanoma and had stopped eating or drinking and was very lethargic.

    Our vet suggested we contact VCA as he was out of town. We called and went there late in the day. They were so compassionate and helpful. They allowed us as much time with him as we wanted before and after the procedure.

    The staff was very comforting and supportive. The doctor brought a blanket for Maxie and sat with us on the floor with him throughout the process.

    Everyone there was very patient and comforting. I felt that they understood how much we loved him and worked hard to take care of us during this incredibly difficult time.

    I would recommend them to anyone who has a pet that needs special care.

  • Cheyenne Moon Our Rescue Dog

    -James and Linda Russell from Avon, IN
    Pet Name: Cheyenne

    To the Doctors and Staff ,
    We would like to personally thank each one of you. When we were referred to you by our veterinarian we were not sure our beloved Cheyenne would make it. She had been declining for four days. Thanks to the knowledge and skill of each one of you she is on the road to a full recovery. Even though you knew our financial situation you still treated her and us the same. We want to thank ER Dr. Browne, Neurology Dr Cross, Veterinary Assistant Renee just to name a few. With your quick diagnosis you helped us save our pet. You were all so gracious in letting us visit and answering all our questions no matter what time of day or night it was. I just can't say enough about the care you show to your little patients that cannot speak. You all have shown great compassion to the animal world and you All should be very proud.
    Thank You All
    The Russell's

  • Goodbye Swayze - Miss you everyday

    -Tamara and Josh from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze the cat was definitely my soul mate. Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Medlock and the entire VCA family. You were patient and extremely kind, but also very honest and straight forward about Swayze's prognosis. Your kindness, honestly and medical expertise allowed me to make the insanely difficult decision to let Swayze go. I am so thankful that his final moments were with such loving people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Thank you for saving Misty

    -Debbie Brewster from Lawrence, IN
    Pet Name: Misty

    We arrived late Saturday night with Misty, our 5 yr old toy Poodle who was going into shock. Thank you Dr Wentworth for your quick response and knowledge to recommend what you felt needed to be done. She advise me that if we did not get her health turned around she would live through the night. I am happy to say that I was able to bring her home 2 days later. Thank you Thank you to the entire staff for saving Misty. I was willing to pay whatever it took to save this little dog that I love so much!!!

  • Helpful, Understanding, and Compassionate Care

    -Liz Latsch from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Berklee

    Pet Image My Maltese became very sick and after a few blood tests we discovered some liver issues. She ended up needing surgery and spending 8 nights in the hospital. Dr. Edwards and all of the staff were more than understanding, I was allowed to visit numerous times and there was always someone there to lend an ear or provide a Kleenex. I called at all hours of the night to check on my dog and each and every time I called I was given an update on how she was doing. I'm happy to report that Berklee is now home and doing great thanks to everyone at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center.


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