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  • Dr. Wehrenberg and Dr. Budelsky are awesome

    -Paula Hilton from Plainfield, IN
    Pet Name: Charlie

    Pet Image My dog Charlie is a rescue, and an abuse survivor. (He rocks!) He is treated yearly by Dr. Budelsky for a damaged left eye; probably due to blunt force trauma. Dr. Budelsky consistently demonstrates wonderful care and compassion for Charlie. Thankfully, Charlie's eye does not cause him anymore pain. Charlie and I are very grateful for Dr. Budelsky, who was highly recommended by our regular vet. Charlie is also treated for arthritis at VCA by Dr. Wehrenberg. Thank you to him for working so hard to make Charlie's arthritis manageable. I appreciate the time Dr. Wehrenberg takes to explain options to best help Charlie. And thank you to Jenna, a very kind vet tech, who always handles Charlie carefully so that he doesn't experience pain. The front desk people are also wonderful. They always greet us with smiles and with a quick offer to help. When they take the time to keep me posted about a procedure, I instantly feel calmer. Thank you!

  • Saved my little girl's life

    -Mollie Harrison from Fishers, IN
    Pet Name: Drogheda

    Pet Image At 14 weeks, my Irish wolfhound had to have surgery for an obstruction in her intestine from eating a dog bed. She was also treated for pneumonia afterwards. The entire time, I felt confident due to Dr. Browne. She not only cared for Drogheda, but she was compassionate towards my worries and put me at ease. The entire staff was friendly and affectionate towards Drogheda, and I always felt welcome when I came to visit. They kept me updated on improvements or worries throughout the time Drogheda stayed at the hospital (4 days). I'm so thankful to Dr. Browne and the staff at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center for saving my sweet girl.

  • Great surgical skills.

    -A. Paulman from Shelbyville, IN
    Pet Name: Boomer

    Pet Image Boomer had a mild entropion as a puppy and needed to have eyelid surgery to prevent him from injuring his eye and to make him more comfortable. Since he was still growing, this was a difficult surgery to perform correctly but Dr. Budelsky did an excellent job. Boomer is all grown up now and his eye is perfect. Thank you Dr. Budelsky!

  • Never Stopped Wagging that Tail

    -Don and Brian from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Sophie

    Pet Image Sophie was so strong willed, Bassets are known to be stubborn, that she survived fights with Lymphoma twice in the last year only to beat it each time into remission. However, she was not able to fight a sudden advancement of cardiac disease. No matter what condition she was in, she was always happy and that tail didn’t stop.

    What had started as a gloomy day, the rays of sunlight suddenly came through in the early evening, as if they were guiding a path for her to go. It brings solace that she is no longer in any pain and able to play with all the other Bassets.

    Chris Dufresne wrote, “All dogs go to heaven to sit with God. Welcoming all the creatures large and small into Heaven, for they are the innocents. Only man has to prove his or her piousness to deserve to be in Heaven.”

    Thank you Dr. Rechner, Jennifer and all the VCA Staff.

  • Compassionate Care

    -Donna and Dennis Poppe from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Max

    Pet Image We would like to thank Dr. Brown, and the entire staff of VCA Advanced Veterinary Care, for the compassionate care that was given to us, and our sweet boy Max, during our visit yesterday. She seemed to understand just how painful it was to say goodbye to this member of our family. She let us have as much time as possible, and we never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. We can't thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and kindness. God bless you all for the care you give.

  • Outstanding Service

    -Bracha Ofstein from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Bubbles

    Dr. Budelski and his team are the very best. We brought Bubbles, out Shi Tzu to the hospital because she appeared to be going blind. Dr. Budelski did a thorough examination and determined that she was having problems seeing because of a large number of broken blood vessels in her eyes. He wrote a prescription for eye drops that, six weeks later, has her seeing clearly again. Previously, Dr. Budelski removed cataracts from our Toy Poodle's eyes and she is doing very well today. Dr. Budelski and his team are professional, competent and caring. We have no reason to take out pets to anyone else for their eye health.

  • Sophie

    -Julie Polston from Noblesville, IN
    Pet Name: Sophie

    Pet Image Our Beloved Sophie was put to rest last night, Dr Tobias was the kindest, most understanding and giving person. She made this tragic time into the most loving one. She went out of her way to help us and to help Sophie. Myself and my family give great thanks and gratitude to this kind wonderful soul of a person and Vet! Forever Grateful, Julie and Family <3

  • Dr Budelsky

    -Patrick Miller from Avon, IN
    Pet Name: Abby

    Pet Image Our Schnauzer had an ulcer on her eye that would not heal on its own. It was watery all of the time. I brought her to Dr Budelsky. He examined her carefully... then he carefully explained that "this was a boring procedure... and a boring procedure is exactly what you hope for"... He performed a procedure on her eye which included removing the damaged layers and then preparing the surface to heal properly. He was very thoughtful in his approach as if Abby were a human patient. Explained the problem and the solution as if she were my child... (she is) very unique and entertaining communication style. Very assuring and competent. Really liked this Doc. Abby is recovering thanks to Dr Budelsky and she seems to have handled the procedure very well. Thank you!

  • The Best Vet Hospital

    -John Gootee from Brownsburg, IN
    Pet Name: Sweet Pea

    Dr. Cross and the entire team at VCA are the most professional and caring group of individuals with which I have ever had the pleasure of working. You will NEVER be disappointed if you take your "family member" to VCA.


    -Brian and Susan M. from Indianapolis, IN
    Pet Name: Columbus Joseph M.

    My husband & I had watched our 13-year-old Himalayan, Columbus, have what appeared to us to be multiple, severe seizures on a daily basis, while biting into his left foot at the same time. His regular vet had tried two different anti-seizure medications for weeks & weeks, but to no avail. Columbus just kept getting worse. I had been researching for help on the internet during this time, so I was aware that Dr. Cross, medical director of this VCA hospital in Fishers, is a neurologist. Witnessing Columbus’ worst attack yet on 7/31/14, we immediately drove Columbus up to VCA that night, with Dr. Tobias on duty in the emergency department. She was extremely kind and caring when she came out to explain to us how they were keeping Columbus stabilized, but we felt in our hearts that we were not ever going to be able to bring him home with us again. On August 1st, in order to get us the answers we requested, Dr. Cross ordered an MRI for both Columbus’ brain & his lumbar region. The MRI results confirmed Dr. Cross’ suspicions that Columbus has a nerve issue (tumor in his nerve sheath in lumbarsacral region) that causes his attacks. Dr. Cross has had Columbus on the correct medication ever since August 1st, and Columbus has been doing really well at home. (Is now 12/26/14) Columbus’ inoperable tumor (due to its location) is expected to grow, but hopefully very slowly. We are enjoying Columbus each day as we shower him with extra hugs & kisses. We are SO grateful that Dr. Cross is just an email or phone call away, as neurologists are rare. Indiana is extremely lucky to have a neurologist, with Dr. Cross being not only knowledgeable and caring, but so down-to-earth as well. We are also grateful to all of the caring techs and staff at the hospital who have helped Columbus.


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